a standard of judgment; criterion. STUDY. How does changing the type of soil affect Testable Questions for Science Fair Projects Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts? See more ideas about this or that questions, scientific method, science classroom. Created by. Does changing the temperature of water affect the buoyancy of an egg? The Most Insincere Compliments And What To Say Instead. This mini-lesson is packed with examples to teach the difference between a testable and a non-testable question. He described the tests as the “backbone of our testing strategy,” adding that he bought them “at a time where there were no tests available in America.”. CRobinson45. the act of a person who encloses something in or as if in a casing or covering, a school giving instruction in one or more of the fine or dramatic arts, a comic character, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand, 1350–1400; Middle English: cupel