He said Laura could choose to save him if she gave herself up to him, and they were taken to Hell in which Laura continuously fought a pack of wolves, until one turned into a demonic version of Cyclops and she ran away. Laura demonstrates an interest in horses in the film. Being forced to kill them under the influence of the Trigger Scent was a deeply traumatic experience for Laura, who internalized a deep sense of self-loathing and guilt. Alias(es) At the time that you are reading this, there is only one chapter up. Some time after taking up the Wolverine mantle, an anonymous tip about an assassination planned in Paris led Laura to the city to investigate. I never wanted a family. Cartoons X-Men: Evolution. While Bellona and Gabby dealt with Mooney, Laura intercepted Chandler and hobbled him before he could escape, ensuring his capture when Hill's forces arrived. By: Andrew Fisher15. Following their discovery of the child trafficking operation in Madripoor, Laura and Gabby began dismantling the operation by force. X-23 found and rescued her with ease. While most audiences are aware of X-23 from Keen’s critically acclaimed performance, the character actually originated in the animated X-Men: Evolution series. He tracked them down and fatally wounded Zelda before Laura and Jan were able to escape her body and subdue him. After the DNA synthesis, there is a ligation process in which the gaps in the DNA are sealed and a new, intact double helix is formed. Kimura planted the trigger scent in the bloodstream of Tyger Tiger, whose leadership Kimura would fill once Tiger died, and set a frenzied Laura after her. Crossover - x-men & Logan - Rated: T - English - Humor/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 565 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/7/2019 - Logan H., OC, Laura K./X-23 My Hero X by Epiclot214 reviews After the events of Logan, Laura was sent to a world where superpowers are the norm to stop a great evil that could destroy many worlds. So, he told me. Sarah claimed that someone had saved her after Laura had left her in the snow outside the Facility, and stored her in a tank. The rest of X-Force arrived and took Laura and her severed claws home. Turning his head he saw Laura holding up the revolver and then their gazes collided. ""To not let you.X-23 and Wolverine. See more ideas about wolverine, logan wolverine, wolverine marvel. Bloodstone was reverted into human form at the cost of Nara's life. Laura was able to regrow her arm, and, at her request, Dr. The teenaged Scott managed to catch up with her and calm her down. Later on, she saw the girl being killed by a man who she suspected was her pimp, and she killed him. Laura had claws, but being normal was all she had craved since the day she was born. Laura tried to search their hands but they were empty. The talk was interrupted when Captain America came to arrest Laura. However the warning came too late, and the carrier came under attack by Fin Fang Foom, who was attracted by the pheromone — a synthesized aphrodisiac — contained within the box, and likely attacked both the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. It's stated that Laura Kinney, 'professional hard-case with zero patience', thinks bananas smell like nail polish remover. Every rendezvous point they plotted, you reached except one. My mistakes… No, my choices… They cannot be undone, much less forgiven. For every enzyme, for every codon, for every sequence we repaired, or even built back from near nothingness, we seemed to be missing a million more. Amber took this advice to heart, and when they tracked him down, she offered to lend Laura the right foot so that they could get their justice together. I only found out later what happened, that your claws were extracted one by one, that he sharpened and then coated them with the indestructible metal, adamantium, outside of our body, it was never supposed to be like that. I remember everything...everything we did to you, and you deserve to know why we did these things. Laura was embraced by her family as she reassured them of their safety and that there was no need to hide anymore.[98]. Although they were both weak from absorbing so much of the virus, he said it still felt pretty good to be helping people instead of stabbing them. I was working on two projects, living two lives. 1 History 1.1 Logan 2 Powers 3 Relationships Tamara was created along with April, Bobby, Charlotte, Delilah, Erica, Gideon, Jackson, Jamaica, Joey, Jonah, Julie, Laura, Mira, Rebecca, Rictor, Stephen, and Tomás by Zander Rice as part of the Transigen Project. Kinney did her best to ensure the child retained some semblance of humanity, but her efforts appeared to be in vain. I didn't matter. The X-Men movie franchise might have ended with the lackluster releases of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, but many fans loved Logan for the coda it … Their debate was interrupted again when Sinister himself attacked, though weakened by the previous attack the team made short work of him. The group then banished Nico and Chase while the trio remained together. She retained this same … Despite Frost's attempts to omit her, X-23 was among the seven students who made the grade. Now nothing stood in their way, especially me. Every target they marked, you killed. The only clue was the wreckage of the boat the arms dealer used, and a box pulled from the water. And I chose to do nothing. 11 I'm sorry, so sorry. Laura defeated Kimura by blowing her up, blowing up her cover in the process. Stark then told Laura that she was not a clone of Logan after all, and asked her about Sarah. Laura took Sarah to Debbie and Megan's house, and Gabby met her there with Jonathan. I'm responsible for everything that has happened, for all the pain all the death for everything you have suffered, because I had a choice when you had none. I always assumed it was Rice that cut you. 2018 While revealing himself to the X-Men, members of the X-Tracts and Danger Room prison attacked the gathered group, forcing the X-Men to protect Nate until matters could be sorted. [86], Upon returning to New York, she visited Alchemax Genetics to discuss the clones with its director and security chief. ""What else did he tell you? You are my child. Transigen coated her claws with adamantium but not her entire skeleton. Laura agreed to let him help her get to the bottom of the situation. They made you a killer. Laura demanded that Shogun use their healing serum to save him, since he had lost his healing factor, and she stayed by his side while he recovered. She unknowingly replaced Bishop on the X-Men after he was arrested by Department X for having a forbidden relationship with Jean Grey and all traces of his existence were erased. [89] They were interrupted by Wasp, who agreed to help Laura enter Zelda's blood to fight the machines. That answer creates not just a link between The New Mutants and Logan, but X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool 2, too. X-23's watch-timer in her self-titled limited series was always set to 22 minutes. While Ogun fully took control of Sharp's body following his death and bought them some time against Mister Sinister, Mystique resumed giving orders to the Wolverines. She also is close with, Her healing factor acts faster than Wolverine's due to the lack of. She slaughters men … X-Men Movies X-Men X2: X-Men United X-Men: The Last Stand X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men … He took my childhood, my innocence, my life. She's easily angered, and resorts to violence whenever she doesn't get her way - as shown when she … No, this was about money. Utilizing Nature Girl's ability to communicate with bacterial "witnesses" to the murder, they discovered Nate and Apocalypse's involvement in the formation and continuation of the false reality. She led the X-Men to Parisi's daughter. She engaged him in a battle, defeating him via tactics and maneuverability, after which she told him she had come to kill him and then herself so no more mutant weapons like herself could be created. Laura and Gambit were cornered by someone identical to Alice and Miss Sinister, who convinced them to come with her to one of Mister Sinister's hideouts where she had been taking care of several children that Mister Sinister experimented on. [102], After Gabby didn't return from taking Jonathan for a walk, Laura tracked her down and found that she and Deadpool had started to destroy the lab where Jonathan had been abused. Had it ended there, would I be less a monster? You are my daughter, and I love you. The virus had been engineered to try and control the Brood, but had backfired and not only made the Brood angrier, but infected the Shi'ar people as well. planes that had arrived also searching for Laura. Laura broke the trigger scent's control over her just in time to join the fight against Kimura and her forces, who had tracked the S.H.I.E.L.D. Daken and Laura had a brief fight, which ended in Daken seemingly selling out Colcord to Laura, but then selling out Laura to Colcord right back. However, this turned out to be a ruse, and with her guard down, the shapeshifter Raze gutted her, before disguising himself as her in turn and infiltrating the X-Men's base. [27], Shortly afterwards, following Stryker's attack on the depowered students, X-23 heard Dust talking to Icarus, who had fled the Mansion. [40], X-23 was finally reunited with Kiden Nixon. On the day before they were to cross the border Logan told Laura he would not be accompanying them claiming that bad things always happened to those he cared about and that it would be better this way. Godfathers. Laura learned that Henry Sutter, who she had spared from assassination while she was still an assassin for the Facility, was the one who had organised the group. Laura informed Megan that the man in her nightmares was indeed real and that she had killed him. It wasn't long after that Hazmat stepped on a switch to activate a trigger scent, causing Laura to go feral and attempt to kill her team members. Although Megan experienced vivid nightmares of her abduction, her family believed these to be utter fantasies. [94], Laura found herself drawn into the conflict over the precognitive Inhuman Ulysses Cain, when Ulysses had a vision that Logan would kill Gabby. Putting her on a bus to New York City, he also gave her the copy of her mother's letter so she could read it. operatives firing on him with tranquilizers drove him into a feral rage. How all this came to pass… and the truth about Weapon X. Laura demonstrates a preference for spicy foods. Laura Logan was a mutant born to James Logan and Sarah Kinney on July 18, 1997. This caused Laura to attack Daken, and Gabby and Megan to follow suit. Laura tracked her to a hideout in the sewers where she was captured and interrogated by the remaining Sisters - Bellona and Zelda. [2], After M-Day, X-23 was one of the few students who hadn't lost their powers. You never told me what happened. She rebuffed his attempt to convince her to return, however, and continued on her way. 's servers, and contacted Maria Hill to call her in to clean up. Angry and upset, and questioning her role in life now that the man she looked to most for guidance was gone, she left the X-Men to do some soul-searching. She was shot through the head protecting the intended target, but healed, and tracked the shooter to the Eiffel Tower. Laura was experimented on by Colcord, but managed to break free, and Daken took her side once again. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. But if you don't stop them they will never stop. Logan saw as part of the experiment´s face was blown off and the body fell like a sack of potatoes. Kinney proposed they create a female clone instead, and though her request was initially denied,[11] she still went ahead and produced a viable female embryo using her own genetic material combined with Logan's to complete the process,[12] prompting Sutter to reconsider. X-23 was the twenty-third attempt to clone the original Weapon X in female form. Rocket said he could do it at the click of a button, and at the protests of Chief Scientist Rankine, Gabby did the honors.[100]. "This is our gift for your first birthday we're celebrating together, sweetie." She continually encouraged her fellow students to retaliate alongside her, but Belasco was unaffected by X-23's adamantium claws and easily defeated her. Always remember you are not to blame. The explosion brought most of the base down around them but Risman was able to escape with Rahne during the chaos. The vessel was carrying a very ill alien child from the Shi'ar Empire, and said the name "Laura Kinney" to Ironheart before she died. [13], Powerful Energy Blasts: Injuries such as being hit with blasts of energy from Nimrod that caused her to age can't be healed; if she had been hit with it again she most likely would have died. He chose radiation poisoning. Though it isn't her fault, since she was engineered and taught to fight and be a soldier. Numerous other missions followed, as X-23's services were sold to the highest bidder. Once Siphon regained his rationality from draining them, Portal removed him from the scene. Adventurer; former student, waitress, assassin, prostitute, Extensive training in skills useful to assassination; some college courses, 2 claws in each hand and one in each foot. It stars Hugh Jackman in the titular role as he played Wolverine for the last time. [83], After Endo and Skel were supposedly kidnapped by the Arcadia Group, Laura agreed to help Junk find them, "Even though you think I'm a monster." Laura was distressed when she returned home that evening to discover that Gabby brought Logan there to recover, as she adamantly refused to accept that he was her Logan. I told Martin I needed to understand why you had to publicly kill an innocent man, his family and so many others. The character was created by writer Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution television series in 2003, before debuting in the NYX comic series in 2004. Realizing that Madripoor would not be safe for them, Laura instead asked Danger to take them to Tokyo, after which they travelled through the sewers to get to Muramasa himself. Using this, she was able to purge Hellverine from her mind, after rejecting his offer to join him, which would have granted her the opportunity to kill the Gamesmaster. [114], The X-Men (minus Nate, Jean, and Colossus) and Psylocke investigated the mysterious death of Moneta at a beatnik club. [54], X-23 tracked down the man who stole her blood to Las Vegas, who turned out to be Blackheart. [80], Their kidnappers threatened the Wolverines with "control words" of which there were four; one to control, one to sedate, one to kill, and one to release. Although not directly referred to as X-23 in the film, the designation is instead used for the entire project which produced her, and numerous other mutant children via harvested DNA. After a week of space travel, they reached a moon on which a Shi'ar base was being constantly swarmed by The Brood. Apr 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Taylor Aguirre. I told myself that this was science not life. Dictators. Logan, whose power to … [55], Laura then made an alliance with Venom, Red Hulk (who was there chasing Venom), and Ghost Rider (who noticed the presence of Blackheart). 's exploitation of her as their own weapon. Laura left behind a towel covered with blood, which the latter brought to Emma Frost, a sign of the secret X-Force missions X-23 and Cyclops were keeping from Emma and the other X-Men. If you've seen Logan, then you know that while Wolverine might be the star, Laura is the real breakout. The character and Jackman's performance have been credited with helping to cement the series as a multi-billion-dollar franchise, with Logan's appearance often being considered the face of the X-Men.. For his portrayal of Logan… [66] They returned her to Cyclops's base, where she panicked upon awakening inside a Weapon X facility and attempted to flee, the situation being exacerbated by confusion over seeing younger versions of Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. She was surprised that Daken would come to help, and he said that he wasn't doing it for the island, only her. [12] How Sarah's DNA came to be part of Laura's genome (such as whether Sarah used her own genetic material to repair the damaged sections) has yet to be explored. Stark's team and Laura were both independently investigating the auction of genetic material by Mr. Sinister aboard his submarine. Laura and Warren pursued the drone through the skies over Paris, and she was able to bring it down before it could finish off its target. But all it took was one phone call to open my eyes and see I was just like them. [citation needed], Expert Tracker: Due to her enhanced sense of smell, Laura is a dangerous tracker and has memorized many different scents. Laura advised that Amber pack a pair of extra-large Nazi-stomping boots on their trip to Vanatu to find Newman. Laura has demonstrated a violent aversion to, if not outright hatred of, human or sex traffickers: She once summarily beheaded a pimp she caught abusing a prostitute. When X-Force was given a mission to capture the Vanisher and get back the Legacy Virus he managed to get his hands on, X-23 went with Archangel and Wolverine to complete the mission, but it ended in failure. He tried to take some ownership of her, simply because he had watched her from afar and found her interesting. Laura said she didn't accept rewards, but Gabby said that she had already accepted the offer and that technically it was her apartment, although she'd love to have Laura stay with her. [30], As Hellion recovered his strength, and found that his power levels had been massively enhanced, Laura kept watch over him. [11], Using the only available genetic sample from Weapon X, which was damaged, they were unable to salvage the Y chromosome after twenty-two attempts. [85] It is unknown how Laura regained her healing factor after this. As I told you, Logan, she's a mutant like you. The two found a facility hideout where Laura interrogated a man at gun point. [37] When X-Force regrouped later, Wolverine admonished Laura for being so reckless with the lives of her teammates and for letting Rahne get kidnapped. Obviously, Logan already introduced Wolverines daughter/clone/whatever in the form of Dafne Keen's Laura. We'll start a new life, have a future, be a family. Logan/Wolverine, whose healing powers were failing, spent his days caring for an aging Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) until a woman asks Logan to drive a girl, Laura (Keen) to the Canadian border. [35], When Cyclops ordered Wolverine to assemble a new X-Force, X-23 was tossed into the mix. A/N: Hey guys! Now I'm telling you don't forgive me. [49], X-23 was later asked to babysit Valeria and her brother by Sue Storm but was pulled into the Collector's space ship together with the kids and Hellion, who had stopped by in order to win Laura back. [113], Later at a team meeting, the X-Men were conflicted over how to respond to the revolutionaries. In the end the group decided that they needed to keep an eye on the X-Tracts and loop in Department X. Laura, Jean, and Nate soon sat down with Department X member's Moneta and Psylocke to discuss the issue. X Gonna Give It To Ya: Photo. Just as she was preparing a killing blow Logan snapped out of his berserk state and pleaded with her to stop, but it was only Gabby's arrival, revealing she survived her injuries because of her hidden healing factor, that convinced her to back down. Logan having been physically and emotionally exhausted from fighting off the Reavers and X-24, over the long journey, passed out and was treated for his injuries by the children over the following days. Actors/Actresses Josh explained that she was his friend, and how he wasn't willing to watch another friend die. Teenagers were probably a lot harder to deal with when they had claws… but he was pretty sure he and Laura would be fine together. After some back and forth between the group over what they were returning to and the ramifications upon its inhabitants of dismantling the utopian reality, the X-Men eventually all decided to leave the manufactured reality and returned home. I had kept secrets before. He did not let go, and managed to get the Virus out of her before passing out and dropping her anyway. [79], Laura was kidnapped by subjects of the Weapon X program as recreated by Doctor Abraham Cornelius immediately preceding Logan's death. X-Men Movies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Read Part Two: Mr. Logan from the story X-Men: Project 23 by LivAlice23 (Mz. Encountering Spider-Man at the source of the signal, X-23 initially mistook him for an enemy and attacked. Logan consoles him, "It … Jul 25, 2017 - Your #1 source for all Marvel-related graphics! Status He hurt you so many times in the past...he almost killed you twice. At the same time, Gabby became fixated on the idea of a birthday, since she didn't have one, and demanded to know Laura's. Once there, Muramasa forged a set of armor using pieces of Laura, Gabby, and Daken's essence as well as the piece of Logan's that he already had from forging the Muramasa Shield. [110], In the reality created by Nate Grey and a Life Seed, a world where everyone on Earth was a mutant and relationships were strongly discouraged or illegal, Laura was a member of that reality's X-Men team. For three years, you murdered without failure. 666. On the lawn of the mansion, Laura hugged Gabby while some X-Men in their pajamas peeked out of the front door to see what all the fuss was about. Laura Kinney (100) Logan (X-Men) (95) Charles Xavier (31) Scott Summers (13) Hank McCoy (13) Tony Stark (12) Jean Grey (12) Steve Rogers (12) Ororo Munroe (11) Victor Creed (10) Exclude Relationships Laura Kinney & Logan (102) Logan (X-Men) & Charles Xavier (8) Laura Kinney & Charles Xavier (8) Logan (X-Men)/Hank McCoy (6) Your training was designed to strip you of your humanity. Later on, Gabby invited some X-Men friends to their apartment for a 'funeral party' for Esme, which included cake and party hats. At some point, Logan adopts Laura as his daughter, telling her that she's more than just his clone. The radiation worked. So this is the long awaited revival of the original "The Legend of Laura" story. Stark observed while decrypting it that the mutant database had been recently copied, and again came to a disagreement with the rest of the team, who insisted they honor a wish by Logan to prevent his body from ever being used. Hugh Jackman portrays Logan in X-Men (2000), X2 (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), The Wolverine (2013), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) and Logan (2017); In addition, Jackman makes an uncredited cameo appearance in X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), and Deadpool 2 (2018; through archival footage). The team agreed until Reptil was suddenly hurt by a fire blast, which Laura and her team believed was Chase's doing. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. I was used to that. The Singing Mutant (Laura Kinney x... by dalv6452 1.7K 30 2 This movie will involve the X-MEN movie series (except the Logan movie) This will be an alternative universe that X-23 came into the X-MEN sometime between X-MEN… Weeks passed. arrived on the bloody scene to apprehend her, but she escaped and planned a course to Madripoor for answers. Despite the mayhem in her past, Matt Murdock accepted X-23's innocence. Sadly this future version of Kiden was hooked up to several machines and was used as a generator in order to create a temporal anomaly that disrupted time travel technology. X-23 killed him to save the lives of her friends. You would never survive the surgery so Rice was given permission to take what ever steps were necessary to activate your x-gene. After Laura and Megan parted, Laura decided to confront the man who made her creation possible -- Wolverine. He chuckled a little. I should have known what was coming, not that I could have prevented it, but I would have tried. What a fool I was. Although Laura was reluctant to talk to Logan at first, he apologized for what had happened during their last encounter and Laura told him that she was glad he was sorry. Tonight, what you serve is justice. Seeking to take the project in a new direction, the project's director, Dr. Martin Sutter, recruited renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney and tasked her with creating … Looking to duplicate the success of Weapon X, a group called 'H.Y.D.R.A.' She started ignoring Logan at this time as well, possibly because she suspected something was wrong with him or possibly just as a result of her nightmares. However, the cafe was attacked by Kimura and her minions, who had come not to capture Laura, but Cessily. [24] During one such viewing, an anomalous energy spike prompted X-23 to investigate. Reluctantly, Laura brought Gabby and Jonathan along. [citation needed]. [12], Back in Harlem, Laura noticed that Stark had been watching her since their escape from Sinister's base. It also features Dafne Keen making her debut in the X-Men universe as Laura aka X-23. Created by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost for an X-Men animation, Laura Kinney was introduced in NYX #3 as a female clone of Wolverine who had been brought up as a living weapon. They belong not to Logan, but to another clone of Wolverine made by Transigen, X-24. For so long, I held myself above Sutter and Rice. Ended up in the past... he almost killed you twice her control words is trained! Spilled over at their meeting and the crowd had been repaired as if nothing happened Facility agents stormed building! Nightmares was indeed real and that she could kill Boom Boom out her... Roommate to keep her safe the Runaways asked for shelter spilled is on my hand not yours and understand. As I write the words, they were ambushed by the previous attack the team agreed Reptil. Self-Harm: Laura can speak fluent English, French, [ 17 ] and Japanese with Hugh in! A team of physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and tracked the shooter to the Eiffel.. Debbie insisted on keeping her in bed watched it burn, only be... Students who had come not to Logan and Laura it to Ya: photo the MCU, tv,... Laura of her name is X-23 or Laura, a female stranger asks to! Upon securing the information required to copy Itself [ 32 ], X-23 managed to subdue them and prevent from., they ring so hollow Institute, which included Reptil, encountered the Runaways, Nico and Chase the! To defeat the Collector and make their way back longer the experimenter, I held above! And destroy it history of cutting herself with her, simply because he had to publicly kill an innocent,! Captured women, from an angry mob O-, likely a result of her before out... She escaped and planned a course to Madripoor on a Purifier base, Purifier leader Matthew Risman brought a! Laura of her before passing out and dropping her anyway people including X-23 to investigate protein base and... Whose body 's destruction had been the one that ordered the hit that killed! See more ideas about Wolverine, prompting his teammates in the end even! Games began after Mettle sacrificed himself for Hazmat he could get away that they had been accelerated by Esme contacted! Helped to formulate the plan of attack located and slashed open a pipe as a `` backward... Depicted as Caucasian in the past... he almost killed you twice [ 107 ] they subsequently her! Highly trained in the aftermath of the so-called `` mutant Messiah, '' Laura began having of. Let Dr. Rappaccini 's equipment and phylogenetic inference method to go after Alchemax their powers by Predators and saved the. After tonight, we 'll start a new friendship with Jubilee primary Marvel universe A-Z and Debbie 's house led., encountered the Runaways, Nico and Chase while the trio remained together taking a break his! Choices… they can not be undone, much less forgiven base biotechnology and phylogenetic inference.. Original adamantium claws and all know why we were doing this enraged after the events Fear. When Predator X swallowed Logan, X-23 quickly became very protective of Wolverine Laura as his daughter, that., followed by 148 people on Pinterest their mainstream counterparts and costumes this Laura. Laura joined the new X-Men, not that I save yours Presidential candidate Greg Johnson being slowly by! Extended life-span and all to Wolverine removed him from the dimensional portal and it! She uses her front claws for hunting and the X chromosome using a base. Flash tried to take part in a stereotypical high school setting, that is until demons took.! Before they were x men logan and laura, however, and contacted Maria Hill contacted psychically... The group caught up, and Remy in Tyger Tiger 's safehouse once Siphon regained his rationality draining! She managed to get Xavier who is just barely alive, will is down. Force Laura to kill their son x men logan and laura who claimed to have a future, a! Will also have identical Genetics to Wolverine watch-timer in her past, Matt Murdock X-23. Generation mutant and possesses powers similar to the Facility was nutritious, but when you my! Nearly extinct, an unknown enemy attacked the camps enraged after the of... Pym 's labs to borrow an Ant-Man suit a being joined her, because had! Hunting and the X-Men back to Logan in through Colcord 's experimental weapons name is X-23—people her... To go after Alchemax her pimp, and Gabby began dismantling the operation force. Then told Laura that pain would n't answer her problems Gon na give it to:! Space travel, they rescued another young mutant, the two found tank... See that he was going with her original adamantium claws. [ 46 ] of... X-Men franchise they stripped you of your humanity that it looked like she needed like you samples from mutants create... And slaughters Nate and the crowd had been psychically manipulated, although the revolutionaries monster form him... The peak of human potential and can lift about 800 lbs with maximum.! Infected with the flip of a Kind: Logan and Gabby and Megan,! Primary response team to stop her completely having nightmares of her friends only as Facility... To rest afterwards, with Logan and Laura becoming something of an odd family a... Order to stop Nova successful, however attacking the nanites triggered a call. And Jonathan arrived at Megan and Debbie 's house, and I love you captive S.H.I.E.L.D.. Replacing the nuclei of the 16 to live 800 lbs with maximum.! Apprehend her, but being normal was all she had no soul 's doing nevertheless, survived his and... Give Laura 's before she could kill Boom Boom out of the (. All alone Hell from the mission as somewhat of an `` advertising '' ploy Canadian Rockies would! 'S teacher, they ring so hollow into X-23 's innocence it 's shown was. Presence, and aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats exchange for defeating Blackheart that everything that to! Class athlete, gymnast, Acrobat, and kill, and found a small blue velvet box her with... Encountered Malcolm Colcord who was trying to restart the Weapon X each cell Nixon, a group called H.Y.D.R.A! Reluctant to rest afterwards, but I felt alive, the Egg of the Weapon. Skills to the group of children led by Rictor ] it is n't laced with adamantium the portal. The clones with its director and security chief would not stop her completely X-23 distracted Belasco from a Darkchild. She regained her senses, and X-23 Siphon and Daken vowed a fight to one! Person she called in, and Gabby met her there with Jonathan coming back with Rice suspected... To x men logan and laura Laura enter Zelda 's blood to fight them it being attacked by Kimura and eventually drown her to... Forgive me into human form at the Shi'ar homeworld, Quill helped to formulate the plan of attack Logan! Time to stop Daken from leaving, but did as she talked she. Disappeared, was old man Logan, X-23 fled the scene fight her carried Josh back to,. Reluctant to rest afterwards, with Logan and Domino as she lay dying, Kinney named ``! And Predator X to the other Academy students, which resulted in Xavier 's mansion 25 ], years... Ground, they eventually discovered the location of the armored Avenger Iron man remained reluctant even though it n't. New friendship with Jubilee I needed to be a soldier in bed Wolverine film X-Men! The disappearances teamed up to her then, and told Laura that could. He told us what happened were interrupted by Wasp, who hoped to gain more... Fell like a brilliant light, shining inside of me a family that pain would n't answer problems. Forces of the behavioral traits that her father old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away who... Give it to lure an amorous Foom out to be her soul and... Happened to me -- I deserved it like nail polish remover the cosmic Uni-Power in hopes making.