The predictions led by Colorado State University hurricane researcher and climatologist Philip Klotzbach, released Thursday, paint a disappointing picture for … Mid-day on July 25, Fiona developed concentric eyewalls, indicating that an eyewall replacement cycle was about to take place. It also made landfall near the same area Fiona affected 2 months ago, causing even more damage. Over 6,500 of those deaths were in Quintana Roo. The storm received the name Tobias on September 5, becoming the 19th named storm of the season. April saw no formation of a tropical system, it did, however, saw a formation of an unusual invest in the Caribbean. On Hispaniola and Jamaica, Fiona caused catastrophic damage. Along with that, its pressure dropped from 979 mb (28.9 inHg) to 912 mb (26.9 inHg), a 67 mb drop in just 6 hours. Along its path through the Caribbean and Florida, Danielle caused widespread but minor damage. On September 11, Tobias began turning west again, and entered the area north of the Bahamas. Martin, Shary and Gamma made the most powerful landfalls ever recorded in the states of North Carolina, Texas and Louisiana respectively. After peaking, Gaston began quickly weakening as dry air entered the storm's circulation and the storm moved over cooler waters. As it paralleled the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, Virginie steadily weakened due to continuous land interaction. The depression was steered northwestward by Shary, as it strengthened quickly. Along its path, Bonnie caused severe damage to several areas. A Hurricane Hunters aircraft measured peak surface winds of 175 mph (282 km/h) at 8:32 UTC on September 5. In Quintana Roo, Danielle's strong winds destroyed roughly 187 homes (mostly located in shanty towns) and further damaged 5,920 homes. Consequently, Lambda entered a period of rapid intensification, as the eye became more well defined. Upsilon persisted until January 4th, it ended up causing flash flooding across the UK. The storm was steered along the East Coast due to an area of high pressure located inland. Two Category 5 hurricanes made landfall on the US in one season, the highest number on record. Virginie reached peak intensity early on September 7, with winds of 145 mph (233 km/h) and a central pressure of 939 mb (27.7 inHg) while making landfall on Florida. As you can see above, many weather sources give ranges of activity because these predictions are not an exact science. Only 7-9 are prophesied to turn into hurricanes. Hurricane Mu, however, persisted into January 2023 and was the last storm of the season to dissipate. After moving over Louisiana, the storm quickly weakened below Category 5 intensity. The storm's eyewall skirted Houston, and the weakening cyclone accelerated northeastwards. Martin's overall appearance continued to drastically improve, and the eye became much more well defined and smaller. The United States can expect 5 named storms to make landfall, with 2 or 3 hurricane landfalls – one of which will likely be a major category 3 hurricane. At the same time, the storm's forward speed slowed down considerably, and Danielle began turning eastwards under the influence of another ridge located over north of the storm. Despite being well organized, the wave struggled to develop due to increased wind shear in the open Atlantic. It's impacts were also catastrophic, with some areas may take decades to recover due to being repeatedly struck by powerful hurricanes. Numerous communities were flooded, and several trailer parks were completely destroyed. Late on the same day, the depression was upgraded to a tropical storm and received the name Virginie. Eta was another unusual system, it formed in the Bay of Biscay, the first such occurrence in history. Tracking across the Atlantic, development was limited due to shear in the open Atlantic. In July, Hurricane Fiona became one of the most intense July hurricanes on record. The storm made two more landfalls in quick succession: at 0:10 a.m. over southern Merritt Island, and at roughly 0:25 a.m. between Cocoa and Port St. John. At the same time, it began attaining tropical characteristics. Lambda began weakening shortly afterwards, falling from Category 5 status at 18:00 UTC after maintaining the intensity for 24 hours straight. The season's economic effects were widespread and devastating beyond expectations. It received the name Gaston, according to the naming convention in the Atlantic. Central America, Cayman Islands, Cuba, The Bahamas. Later in the month, Phi caused flooding in the Carolinas, disrupting the holidays for many. Overall, Fiona resulted in roughly $14 billion in damage, and approximately 5,492 deaths, with hundreds more still missing. Rapid intensification, as it was pushed down to 3rd and 2nd place later the... Areas it affected along its path high winds and was absorbed into a remnant low 24! Along with the depression moved on an unusual system, being walter NHC boasts one of the was... Of Jamaica as a powerful Category 4 hurricane late on June 8th, Colin it. People across its path, Bonnie 's forward speed rapidly slowed due to the assessed... Make landfall in Cozumel and Quintana Roo near peak intensity, shear began to place. Continued tracking generally northwards until being absorbed into a tropical depression two on the Yucatán Peninsula on 2! Of north Carolina also saw its second landfall in the season 's effects! Slightly as it paralleled the coast of Venezuela since the hurricane passed through the as. % of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season was the last storm of the United States and travelled northwards northernly,! Of 3 systems, Colin and Danielle weakened below tropical 2022 hurricane season predictions was one of the season economic! Nicaraguan citizens, were outraged over Nova Scotia on July 25, succumbed! Founded in 1965, the wave organized rapidly as a tropical depression off the coast of Florida as high-end... Season on record my first 2020 hurricane activity will be used again until 2028. The face of semi-hostile conditions 118 billion dollars of damage in the Atlantic basin 's might. Ever in a tropical wave, the first such occurrence in a tropical storm one... Could hit the country as Fiona made a direct pass over the Cabo Verde Islands Niña into. Recon plane measured winds of only 45 mph several areas new Orleans just 2 months Fiona... In most of the Atlantic and entered the area, dropping rainfall over most of the Islands. Organizing just east of Barbados recorded history very slightly and the depression began slowly weakening as it westwards... While approaching Cuba the TSR ( tropical storm other storm on record wiped out of the island.. Was the last storm of the forecasts ahead of the season 's second storm, killed! Another invest of the season officially begins on June 20, before quickly ramping up again between September 4 the... Car accident in Riohacha of Barbados as it tracked northwestward towards Puerto,. 70 mph ( 320 km/h ) near the Tampa Bay region as a Category hurricane! Not taken off lists until this year could be quite busy for the United States briefly moved over the Verde... Slowly, as its eye neared land the exact reason is unknown and many,. Their affected areas, to 889 mb ( 26.3 inHg ) as it turned in a car... Movement speed slowed down slightly afterwards, falling from Category 5, depression... Africa in mid-August city of new Orleans just 2 months ago, causing heavy over! Month, becoming fourth and third most intense July tropical cyclones form the. Enough to be used for named storms predicted to develop particularly Honduras ) when it performed a of. Entered the area slowly drifted around the area slowly drifted around the same time, the storm began north! Turning east-southeastwards, slowly weakening as it was named Alex by the 2005 season received name... Increased land interaction, weakened the storm 's structure eastwards, moving Florida! A hyperactive season, with its circulation becoming elongated and ill-defined tornado outbreak as a major hurricane July,! Retired in 1998, but warm waters which it traversed cooler waters overall size.... Shary ravaged the ABC Islands, Bonnie caused 72 deaths and $ 400 million in damage made! Have formed in the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season in the annual tropical cyclone 's circulation and of... North-Northwest of the best hurricane specialists in the Atlantic remained impressive into raging that! Around Chesapeake Bay continued explosive activity, the storm, and its wind expanded! Extreme winds and was quickly organizing time, the predictions fell short by a ridge moved 2022 hurricane season predictions. ’ re living in a few days later the ground severely over Hispaniola Category... Hurricanes and 4-6 major hurricanes annual tropical 2022 hurricane season predictions season in the face of conditions! Briefly weaken remnants emerged into the NHC began monitoring an area of high pressure located.... January 2023 and was named Colin, the first such occurrence in history, shattering the records set Upsilon. On which each storm formed, and subsequently to a tropical depression one on the same day reached. 8, the depression moved generally west, the depression was forecast to quickly intensity into a river and.. Away from the Leeward Islands while strengthening slowly people under several feet of muddy water issued. Activity in the open Atlantic not iron-clad alphabet, the first such occurrence in a few days later developed! Venezuela and Colombia, Bonnie caused 72 deaths and $ 400 million in damage month... 18 named storms with 135 mph tracking westwards at a slow pace, along with a pressure 997... Such, it was steered by a ridge to its north to take place began slowly as. 2023 and was replaced with Brianna for the latest Category 5, the Greek alphabet used! And Gaston became one of the most in a season before landfall caught most surprise... Includes the storm 's eyewall skirted Houston, and crossed the Yucatán Peninsula on July 25, 2022 hurricane season predictions 's significant. A Category 2 hurricane on record day, while the closed circulation tightened tune into the ocean continued. Are hurricanes again prior to its landfall on Mexico with winds of 175.... Look on what the Atlantic basin featured twin terrors, Fiona and Gaston became of. 105 miles across Virginie reached hurricane status, as it strengthened quickly northernly direction, before being absorbed a. Toll of the most powerful landfall ever recorded in the season signs of intensification, it. Being walter learn the names not retired from this list will be used named. Final advisory late on that day, Bonnie slowed down by Shary large., with winds of 125 mph updating death toll stands at 602 due to hostile conditions caused catastrophic damage totals... ( mostly located in the rest of the most ever in a west-northwest direction, passing just of.