This is in contrast with existing methods that rely on Stochastic Hybrid Systems (SHS) which obtain only the average values and in less general settings. In addition, an economic model has been developed in order to test existing damage-cost models with historical data previously collected.Finally, the last part of my thesis work focuses on the study of a new insurance model, where the cost of the insurance premiums is allocated to each building. If the accumulated capital is big enough before an earthquake causes damage to a building, it is used to finance seismic retrofitting works. Get this from a library! Emphasis is placed on establishing the theoretical foundations of the subject, thereby providing a framework in which the applications can be understood. From numerical results, we show that the curves of the mean response time for a packet in the case of low offered load conditions are concave in payload sizes for an actual scenario where Web objects are delivered over a physical link. To obtain the optimal resource allocation policy under the dynamics of slicing requests, e.g., uncertain service time and resource demands, a Q-learning algorithm is often adopted in the literature. We cannot guarantee that every book is in the library. Finally, we provide analysis that incorporates several practical considerations such as accounting for patient heterogeneity in number of visits and inter‐visit times, the option to reject new patients when the system is at full capacity, and incorporating patients with known number of visits at the time of the scheduling decision. Our results apply either for an ordinary renewal process in the steady state or for a stationary process. To provide students with a view of statistics of stochastic processes, three lessons (13-15) were added. The heterogeneity of servers and stochastic requests pose great challenges in relation to the trade-off between the two conflicting objectives. breaches that can also lead to catastrophic system failure. A well-known measure of the initial transmission potential is the basic reproduction number $R_0$, which determines the herd immunity threshold or the critical proportion of immune individuals required to stop the spread of a disease when a vaccine offers a complete protection. A condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy is now recognized as an efficient approach to perform maintenance at the best time before failures so as to save lifetime cycle cost. are discussed. I. Our results indicate that availability codes can reduce download time in some settings, but are not always optimal. Thus, we develop a Lagrangian heuristic to determine a feasible integer solution at each iteration of the subgradient method. Single-server queues with a fixed number of service stages have been analyzed by many authors, some of whom state that there is no simple way to analyze the queue //1. For the joint optimization, we present a greedy heuristic that efficiently produces close-to-optimal results. We consider the integrated planning of spare parts and service engineers that are needed for serving a group of systems. Authors analyzed all factors affecting the incurrence of profits or losses of a retail network. A key analytical contribution is to prove the MDP to be a uni‐chain, which implies that there exists an optimal policy that maximizes the long run average profit. In the Feller case, these time-inhomogeneous Markov This model shows also that the majority of Californians would buy an earthquake insurance if its price was divided by three.According to the scale of maturity previously developed, the evolution of this insurance system requires a better risk modelling. Asimismo, disponer de este índice permite una estimación formal para cambios o variaciones temporales del riesgo y cuantificar el impacto de las intervenciones, no solo para el caso en estudio, sino para todo el sistema de educación superior. A Markov chain is a random sequence in which the dependency of the successive events goes back only one unit in time, ... All these orders are delivered simultaneously upon the next jump into Phase . The spare parts are typically slow-movers and are managed according to a base-stock policy. Many analytical models for performance evaluation of non-saturated IEEE 802.11 DCF utilizing finite buffer have been proposed in last two decades. In this model, a new information packet arrival from source $m$ is allowed to preempt a packet from source $n$ in service, with a probability depending on $n$ and $m$. Elements of Stochastic Processes. In the renewal theory portion of this thesis, the asymptotic result of renewal mass function and new asymptotic moments are found using the method of generating functions. A first course in stochastic models / Henk C. Tijms. Network slicing in future 5G systems enables the provision of multitenant networks in which a network infrastructure owned by an operator is shared among different tenants, such as mobile virtual operators, over-the-top providers or vertical market players. Age of Information (AoI) and Peak AoI (PAoI) and their analytical models have recently drawn substantial amount of attention in information theory and wireless communications disciplines, in the context of qualitative assessment of information freshness in status update systems. We start with a crash course in stochastic calculus, which introduces Brownian motion, stochastic integration, and stochastic processes without going into mathematical details. Includes bibliographical references and index. This property is especially desirable to cope with real-time resource requests and the dynamic demands of users. In order to model the interaction between the CPS and the adversary, and also the effect of these two classes of attacks, we define an entity called a durational stochastic game (DSG). offers resiliency against communication delays and alleviates the need to wait for stragglers in the network. According to Tijms (2003), de Kok (2002 and Kiesmüller and de Kok (2005), the random variable undershoot of the reorder point s is exactly the excess life t  of the renewal process. 375-375. the exchangeable $\sigma$-algebra of the process. This is based on the following reasons. However, due to the huge state space, computing the optimal policy is impractical. DETERMINE CLASSIFICATION OF STATE IN MARKOV CHAIN USING EIGEN VALUE FROM TRANTITION PROBABILITY MATRIXABSTRACTBase problem from stochastic modal with Markov process is to determine appropriate state of description, in order that stochastic process corresponding will has truly Markov’s characteristic. Both delay and reliability have great impact on the control performance. A restriction value will be formed one state transient, two states recurrent and one class of equivalent, while limited one will be formed two states transient, two states recurrent, and including one state recurrent inside one class of equivalent. 1.3 Equivalence of Stochastic Processes Definition 1.3.1 A stochastic process {X t,t ∈T}is equivalent to another stochastic process {Y t,t ∈T}if for each t ∈T P {X t = Y t}= 1. Furthermore, any such process has a de DSGs probabilistically capture transitions between states in the environment, and also the time taken for these transitions. The item is supplied by an exogenous and sequential system with stochastic lead times (LTs) specified by their mean and standard deviation (SD). It is supposed that a state-dependent cost is associated with each transition, and that the evolution of the system is watched by an agent with positive and constant risk-sensitivity. The conservation equations for this class of flows are derived, and the limiting behavior of the flows in the network as related to the properties of the fractions Pij A comparison with an optimal security-unaware VMM mechanism shows that our model provides a less risky operation at the cost of an increase in service rejection, which is caused by the use of additional VMs to shield the computation task. Second, for a representative citizen of Varanasi, we study how the magnitude of the elasticity of substitution between a composite consumption good and water quality in the Ganges—modeled by the SMS—affects the tradeoff between consumption and water quality maintenance. Abstract ⎯ In this study, for evaluating subjective features that provides preference of airline companies to others the method TOPSIS has been used. Los resultados indican que las mayores probabilidades de deserción se presentan en los 2 primeros semestres de estudios, con una probabilidad promedio superior al 39 %, que luego disminuye a lo largo de los años. Another challenge is the combinatorial optimization of numerous resources, e.g., radio, computing, and storage. Define R as the square of mean/SD and define r as the smallest integer which is at least R. When R