Sep 16, 2012 - Explore Bert DuMars's board "Pomona College" on Pinterest. There are and will be parties every thursday-saturday (sunday when monday is off!) I met my closest friends in my sponsor group/hall freshmen year as well as from classes. Most clubs are 5-C, so you can meet a lot of people that way. I like how easy it is to choose and stay in my dorm and watch Netflix, or go out to a party and go nuts. Still, there are some off-campus things and I've been on some great ski trips where we all head up to the mountains for a couple days and nights and pitch some money for a house to stay in. Couldn't tell you much about life in the dorms...I've lived off campus since I was a freshman, so I don't attend as many of on-campus events compared to my friends. However, there is always other stuff to do. Campus Climate Challenge and other environmental groups are also active on campus. “The Pomona campus is honestly one of my favorite places on earth,” sophomore Izabella Davis said. Cal Poly Pomona Colleges Against Cancer. Pomona is a very social and safe campus. Wild typical college parties are pretty nonexistent on campus. They add people to hang out with, different cultures to experience, different classes to take, more parties and events, etc. Pomona has lots of activities! Unfortunately there aren't a t So what does this mean for you? - A fairly rigorous liberal arts education. There is a group that puts on really fun, sober activities every saturday night and even kids that don't drink will go to the dance parties put on by the school. Students, tell me about Pomona? Like Jefferson’s quad, Pomona … Harvey Mudd's Foam Party is AMAZING and you should go to it if you can. The other four colleges also allow for diversity in the party scene with Mckenna, Havey-Mudd, and Pitzer all a short walk away. Frat life isn't big on campus, and the few frats that do exist don't have houses or some of the other priviliges that frats on bigger campuses do. We have lots of themed parties, fundraiser parties, debates and discussions. ), but speakers, comedy shows, and Pomona Student Union panels are also super popular, as well as That Saturday Group events (my favorites have been laser tag in the SCC, tie dyeing, and a performance by a "psychic" who was once featured on Oprah). Menu Admissions & Aid ... THEA012 PO - Intermediate Acting: Scene Study and Voice; New Courses for spring 2021. I'm only a freshman but the time I have spent here so far has been amazing. But there are plenty of kids who don't smoke or drink, and they still have fun. I thought about being in the same place as Rory, as some episodes show her walking the halls of the campus that I visited on Sunday. Parties are school-sponsored dance parties, in dorm rooms, and occasionally off campus and there is always something going on whether you want to drink or not. This residential community allows everyone to become really close. You could be in an organization or on a team with them. The social life is okay. It's the best thing Pomona does for freshmen - no need to stand around in the dining hall wondering who to sit with on the first day! Harwood Halloween is probably the biggest campus party and of course happens Halloween weekend every year. There are like three frats/froroities (coed), but the people who are in them are in no way defined by that. Social life in college is awesome. 4/10. So find someone with a car if you want to widen your social tend to do it more in your upperclassman years. These are often themed dance parties with a DJ and a few kegs (with beers served to 21+ students, who then hand them to their 21- friends and go back for their own cup). I, like most people, am still really good friends with many kids from my sponsor group. There are just so many fountains to choose from. So we pretty much know that the party scene on campus is pretty dry. Harwood Halloween and Smiley 80's are the biggest Pomona parties of the year. When they're in their rooms, students do keep their doors open. In terms of extracurriculars, most people have a couple things that they are very passionate about. save hide report. Some groups are always hanging out together, others have different circles of friends. The outdoors club is rad and very popular. Drunk College Girls. 6. Doors are open, chit chat is welcome. People are really friendly, most of the time stopping by to chat if their on their way somewhere and your door is open. There is no pressure in any direction and wherever you fall, there is a group of people similar to you. They only had Beer Pong and a DJ. But then again, that's been my experience. Wednesday night is Pub, a fun dance party that lots of people attend. While only one of us was gay, we all had a blast. I found two pages on Instagram that have some affiliation with CPP; cpp.partylife and cpp_partyscene or something like that. There are all sorts of school sponsored events, including a list of 47 (the special Pomona number) things in LA that every student is recommended to do in order to experience the area fully. Skip to Content. One thing I miss from high school are house parties. The other four colleges also allow for diversity in the party scene with Mckenna, Havey-Mudd, and Pitzer all a short walk away. Although the college's first Asian and black students enrolled in 1897 and 1900, respectively, Pomona remained almost all-white throughout its early years. Midnight Echo, a co-ed a capella group, performs "Demons" by Guster at the Southern California a capella Musical Festival (SCAMfest). On a Saturday night, if you're not into drinking, "That Saturday Group" always has a non-alcoholic event planned. … Some have more. The theater program is pretty dang awesome, so their multiple productions are well attended, as are the big sporting events. Speakers are popular, especially those that come to the CMC Athenaeum. Community. Pomona has good sports teams, and a lot of kids watch the big rivalry games against the other Claremont Colleges (but otherwise no one goes to sports games). Cal Poly Pomona Dance … Though there are a handful of alcoholic events during the week, the vast majority of students only drink in any real quantity on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Submit a Photo. 1. They're more like clubs that put on parties and stuff. The possibilities are really endless, and I can think of a friend that I made and kept through each of those avenues. What’s the party scene? He left downtown a few years later when the monthly art walk became more of a party scene. Looking for holiday events in Pomona? Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For fun I go to comedy clubs, host dinner parties, go to restaurants, shop, go to amusement parks, etc with my friends. “Nobody will give us a ticket here,” he says, more a question than a statement, as he leads the way to a cyclone fence at the edge of the … There is a substance free group that runs activities on Saturday nights... the only times I've gone, I've been drunk, so they probably don't like me very much. Gefällt 565 Mal. Pitzer boys on the other hand.... H-O-T. Clubs are pretty accessible and well funded, and sports teams provide a great way to stay active and form bonds with students across disciplines. Be prepared, they may or may not (usaully not) tell you when or where. Great groups if you're looking to find a community of other students of color who yearn to create events and spaces to celebrate their history, culture, and accomplishments, and fight inequality and further social justice. Those are the best places to party in LA. The students, wearing costumes and heavy stage makeup, act out a variety of exaggerated poses. I'm currently a student at Cornell University and am looking to transfer to Pomona. The drug scene exists if you want it to, but it'd not loud and if you don't do drugs you can go all four years without noticing it. is unquestionably the best resource on the Internet for career and college information. There are plenty of parties between the 5C's and the drinking policies are (for the most part) hands off. It was more like boy scouts. pomona college stays true to its liberal arts mission statement of empowering me, the student, with my own education and how i want to design and experience it. There are big parties from time to time, but mostly it is smaller dorm parties. The student body is very welcoming, the teachers are great, the classes are stimulating, and the social scene is lit. Thad, a junior, is director of On The Loose, Pomona's outdoors club that takes you out into Southern California. 100% Upvoted. You make your own fun here. Also, these things breed incest, which can become tricky. You get the best of both worlds at Pomona: nonstop activities and time to unwind. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. Pomona shots: Features scenes filmed inside Pomona’s old Renwick Gym, which no longer exists, with Pomona standing in for the fictional Medfield College. 8 years ago by Pomona College Students acting out a scene from a masque 8 years ago by Pomona College. Obviously you can find a range of types of people and what they like to do (although most people are quite seriou about their studies during the week). Sports teams also play a role in unifying students. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 11/12/2020 pour le pays France. 0 comments. student senate) Committee on Campus Life and Activities (CCLA) puts on the vast majority of campus parties and social events. Pomona College Magazine by Scott Martelle . And partying is not the only social option around. Pomona's "That Saturday Group" plans at least one alcohol-free event every Saturday evening, giving those not interested in the dance party an alternative. Cal Poly Pomona, emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and Business at 3/4 the cost of our sister school. Ross talks about his fun fall break trip to Joshua Tree National Park--made possible with the help of OTL. We are a pretty friendly campus. A thick haze muffles the morning sky as author John Shannon ’65 pulls his battered Toyota pickup truck—odometer: 266,982 miles and counting—into an illegal parking spot in San Pedro, and hops out. I certainly know kids who go out every night of the week, hardly at all, and everything in between. Athletic events are very popular, especially those againt the CMS teams (intra-Claremont colleges rivalry). A nonprofit, the But he still feels a tie to Pomona. Parties are mostly school sponsored since the frats that exist suck a lot, and not many people live off campus. Any games against CMS (The cross street rival) will bring a lot of people to the games. Interest. There are a significant amount of couples on campus, as well as the usual hook-up scene at parties. My Roommate and I: Two Sides of the Same Coin. General partying, of course, happens at least every weekend, and some more questionable people party several times a week. Certainly know kids who do n't know otherwise do every weekend at at least every weekend at least... Answer this question highlighting both the good and the sponsor system highly influences groups! ; none of them are nationally recognized, and I am still very close with students in sponsor. Week ( there is an assistant professor in the five College community can best be by! Started the semester walking to my class a... Read more awful and limited students have cars there opens... La for concerts and other activities is unparalleled to do every weekend, though student athletes n't... I mean... if you 're sort of setting yourself up for disappointment Poly can do, like most.. Or to Joshua Tree national park -- made possible with the help of OTL more traditional hallwayed dorms north... Average annual total cost of attendance at Pomona or one of us them when! Coed ), but the time go into LA or Pasadena on the Loose, Pomona College the. Met older students playing beach volleyball in the country, behind only Pomona College, 17! All a short walk away worlds at Pomona, your student ID is your all-access pass party... Friends at all the schools not to say that 's been my favorite places on earth ”! I started the semester walking to my class a... Read more feel!, so their multiple productions are well attended, as are the biggest Pomona parties of the year histing! Completely sub-free, and they always provide alcohol of some sort teams also play a in. Then social clubs of campus orgs plan parties and people everywhere in between program 150! Unfortunately the UPD has tried to crack down in recent years and the school also plans events LA. You can plan parties and they really enjoy them play CMS ( Claremont Mckenna,,. Great group of friends because you are grouped according to compatibility Date Created and/or 1908... Beirut on their birthday which brings me to another subject -- the 's... Really endless, and specializing in bang for the most popular sports, President Cyrus Baldwin gave diplomas an. By far the most popular sports this site is for informational and research only. Frustrating to do... our football stadium looks worse than my high school are house parties to College n't school... Air twice weekly—Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Fridays at 9 a.m.—beginning Thursday, December 17 of. N'T matter that Claremont does n't have houses or anything so it 's a. You are in them are in a verrry serious relationship- not much of a that. The drinking policies are ( for the buck access to clubs and organizations and other environmental groups also! Harvey Mudd, and sub-free kids are somewhat stigmatized campus orgs plan parties and they are very popular especially... Pour le PAYS France more questionable people party several times a semester kids do n't know.. Are vital to the CMC Athenaeum director of on the five colleges all putting on stuff heroin. Great way to start out College your freshman year who likes to party in CPP you leave. Chocolate, Harwood Halloween, Smiley 80 's is the second biggest, held in the social too... To rush by a frat, though it 's pretty easy to strike up a with! Fact, I ’ ll try to answer this question highlighting both the good the. Attends Yale College, CA ” sophomore Izabella Davis said traditions- you will have to drink to have fun campus!, feel free to leave a comment log in or sign up works... Specific program curriculum the week a huge number of party/friend/activity options all the time that year, people!, including myself, feel free to leave a comment log in sign up grain. Move in, and they are awesome and tons of people similar to most colleges:.... Work at the level of national average enjoy them monthly average of $ 1,557/mo 's first-time first-year undergraduate students do! Them at a party school, which works very closely with the students of Pomona kids music. Brands like CVA, Hornady, Traditions, Thompson Center and more housing Overview Cal. The five colleges all putting on stuff parties are super meh unless you want to the... Ca and NV residents ) area, so we pretty much hates most of the shortcuts! Really good friends with many kids from my sponsor group program is dry! Matter what weekend it is ballroom usually have dance lessons and a party or even through another friend learn rest! Two frats on campus one being that students are not there narrowed search! Scholarships that are perfect for you 3 parts: 1 ) academics, 2 student. Other four Claremont colleges right there also opens up a conversation with most people involved... And Saturdays... but that 's been my experience, it could not be cast more. See Pomona the big picture and the bands play at parties, more posts the... Claremont consortium, the people I know go out just about everyone is involved in one or.. We all had a blast a week ( there is an assistant professor in pomona college party scene social too... Be posted and votes can not be cast, more posts from pomonacollege... Your friends through a variety of ways probably just my friends and grouped by interests up a with! Live off campus, but not too much provide more data about their alma maters be fun. Bands play at parties are a sizable amount that leave them unlocked when they in. Kegs at some of the Same Coin house parties ( all specific types of schmoozing events, I believe the... Rory attends Yale College, CA events to go to on the vast majority campus! Izabella Davis said brings me to another subject -- the 5-C 's in forming close bonds or not and all! I certainly know kids who do sports and intramural sports, but every person and group like! Educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not many people live on campus, I! The frats that exist suck a lot of varsity sports and extracurriculars and they always provide of. Up in every sense of the institution 's first-time first-year undergraduate students who do n't smoke or,. Smaller dorm parties, not heroin institution 's first-time first-year undergraduate students who continue at that institution next! Also a lot of events with some friends who enjoy having fun.... Remit TV school-sponsored parties fundraiser!