Due to the way wind can get beneath a deck and pull on it, nails will bend and prevent the deck from moving while screws, which have a significantly lower shear strength, will break. Use 4 – #9 x 2½” SD screws to connect the hanger with the joist if angling into the ledger board. When a paper is cut with scissors, the paper fails in shear. But how do you know which one to use for any given project? Not true. The screws are Climatek coated ACQ-AC257 approved for use with pressure-treated wood, cedar, and redwood. The shear resistance of the bolt per shear plane F v,Rd is provided in EN1993-1-8 Table 3.4: F v,Rd = α v ⋅ f ub ⋅ A / γ M2. There are six CEE threads above the W-threads that bore a larger hole for the thicker shank, preventing splitting and drive friction. The self-piercing screws are The flat-head of the screws have teeth on the underside to countersink the head without compressing the wood, and a T-25 Torx 6-point star-drive for greater torque grip. A #6 UNC should work. When deciding between nails and screws, keep in mind that nails are less brittle, so they provide greater shear strength. Structural screws (also called “construction” screws) are stronger than lags and make longer-lasting connections. 3/8” Lag Screw Replacement. GRK RSS10318-5 RSS ProPak 10 by 3-1/8-Inch Structural Screws, 236 Screws per Pail FastenMaster FMTLOK06-50 TimberLOK Heavy-Duty Wood Screw, 6 Inches, 50-Count FastenMaster FMHLGM278-50 HeadLOK Heavy-Duty Flathead Fastener, 2-7/8 Inches, 50-Count, 2-7/8", Black Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Curbside Locking Security Mailbox, Granite Bosch Bare-Tool IWHT180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2 … Even with the required three per post, it’s less expensive than 1/2″ bolts. The right choice often comes down to the tool used to drive in the fastener, the dimensions of the wood pieces being fastened together, and whether you’re constructing a house or building a woodworking project. Reference to Table 1 shows that the yield strength of a Grade 8 bolt is higher than the ultimate strength of a Grade 5 bolt. Use 4 – #9 x 2½” SD screws to connect the hanger with the joist if angling into the ledger board. Shear strength refers to the amount of lateral movement the screw can handle before it breaks or shears. Alternatively, double-up and do both sides for a stronger lateral and vertical joint. For improved shear support, use 6 – #9 x 1½” SD screws to attach the hanger to the ledger, and 4 – #9 x 1½” SD screws to connect the hanger to the joist. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all fastener for building a deck. So normally a combination of screws and nails are best for the framing process. And in many cases, you can use either a nail or a screw for a strong, lasting connection. Shear strength of nails and screws is something to consider when selecting a fastener for a project. From a strength perspective, the difference between bolts and screws is that a washer and head on both ends of the fastener prevents rotation at the tips. But the real quantum leap for power-driving screws coincided with the introduction of the cordless drill/driver, the most popular portable power tool ever invented. The Strong-Drive SD Connector screw is specifically designed to replace nails in certain Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and is the only screw approved for that application. Allowable loads are shown at the wood load duration factor of C … The tests in SAE J78 specification focus on torsional strength, rather than the tensile or shear strengths of the screws. for combined shear and pull-over. The screws are less expensive and have stronger shear values than lags, require no pre-drilling, and are faster and easier to drive. The screws also have a no-hassle lifetime guarantee! The larger the diameter- the higher holding values the anchor will have. So typically the load it can hold is more dependent on threads and length. Then you need to subtract the thickness of the bracket and the drywall. At one time, nails were preferred over screws because it was much easier and faster to hammer in nails than to use a manual screwdriver or spiral-ratcheting screwdriver (e.g. Screws used for deck construction must withstand the elements, the structural stresses applied to them, and the corrosive nature of natural or chemical wood preservatives. Using two ties also makes it easier to secure double joists to beams. Nails and screws are intended to resist two types of loads: shear and withdrawal. Screws are also easier to drive in tight places and can be backed out for repairs if necessary. – DA01 Aug 25 '17 at 8:31 The SD9212R100 No.9 by 2-1/2-Inch is code and ACQ compliant for use with pressure-treated wood. They also have a limited lifetime guarantee for use in cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber. Slide the engineered washer onto the screw, use the supplied hex-head bit and drive it through the wood to be joined. Using only equations from Chapter G of the LRFD. Now lets look at shear strength. ings—nails, spikes, screws, bolts, lag screws, drift pins, staples, and metal connectors of various types. All applications are based on full penetration into the main member. The screws should be 1-1/2” in from the end or splices, and 1-7/8” from the top or bottom of the ledger. Screw shear strength is the average value, and tension strength is the lowest value listed in CFSEI Tech Note (F701-12). Using the post caps prevents lateral movement off the post, and minimizes wind-force lift for a more secure connection. Do the final tightening with the drill until the washer and nut tight. @wsw I see what you are getting at. As the screws arrive with a threaded body, they become more challenging to remove from the wood. TimberLOK is a heavy duty wood screw for applications such as attaching rafter or trusses to the top plate, landscape timbers, fences, decks, headers, stair stringers and more. The old saying screws for grip strength, nails for shear is a good recommendation. Shear Strength - Measure of the force that when applied at a right angle, will break a fastener. Nails and spikes used to be the only method, and every strike vibrated or knocked something out of level or place. Something went wrong. 11. Hopefully, our guide helped you choose the screws needed to build your deck. The 10” and 12” hangers use 10 – #9 x 1½” SD screws to fasten them to the ledger, and 6 – #9 x 1½” SD screws to anchor the joist in the hanger. For alloy socket screws, yield strength is 180 ksi until 1/2″ and 170 ksi for larger diameters. They calculated a correction factor: the estimated composite shear strength should be multiplied by a factor of 0.85 for connections with more than seven screws. Its ergonomics and handling are outstanding. A drive bit is included too! Use nails for framing and screws for finishing – sheathing and subfloor . The #9 exceeds shear and load ratings for 10d common nails, and #10s exceed 16d capacities. The reason I didn't expect glue to make much difference is that screw joints, including pocket hole joints, always yield a bit before reaching maximum strength, whereas glue joints do not yield, but pop open suddenly. The brownie-gold colored coating matches most wood tones and protects the screw against rust and corrosion. Use to fasten structural connectors to thicker wood widths like two or three-ply beams. There are several ways to fasten railing posts that meet code. Hangers need to be attached with appropriate shear-force rated fasteners, and at least ¾” away from fasteners connecting the ledger to the band or rim board. Use dowel pins as pivots, hinges, shafts, jigs, and fixtures to locate or hold parts. When fastening decking to the joists, there should be two screws driven into each board at every joist. The long-running debate, answered. A 2 inch drywall screw will hold even less. ThruLOK is a three-part fastener with a paddle point screw, engineered washer, and LOK-Nut all in one. Screw size doesn’t necessarily determine strength. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Shear strength is the amount of force a fastener can handle from the sides. If not properly secured it can pull away from the building or shear off causing mayhem and injury. So much for nails right? : Yankee Screwdriver) to drive in slotted screws. Screw Shear (Pss), tension (Pts), diameter, and head diameter are from CFSEI Tech Note (F701-12). Table 1 of the Technical Bulletin identifies the screw spacing based on the initial span between the ledger and first support. The screws should be 1” to 2”s from the edge of the plank, and the distance should be maintained for uniformity and appearance. Best Code-Compliant Screws For Pressure Treated, Cedar, & Redwood Deck Construction, FastenMaster LedgerLOK Ledger Board Fastener, 3-5/8 Inches, GRK ICC-ESR-2442 HandyPak 5/16 by 4-Inch Structural Screws, Simpson Structural Screws SD9112R100 No.9 by 1-1/2-Inch, Simpson Strong-Tie DSVI32 4X4 Post Cap Base, Simpson Strong-Tie 4-Inch Adjustable Post Cap, Simpson Strong-Tie H1Z ZMAX Hurricane Tie, Simpson Strong-Tie H2.5AZ ZMAX Hurricane Tie, Hillman 48610 Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screw, 9 X 2 1/2-Inch, Power Pro 48611 Premium Outdoor Wood and Deck Screws #9 x 3″, FastenMaster FMGD212-350 GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw 2-1/2-Inch, CAMO Edge Deck Screws 2-3/8″ ProTech – My Favorite Hidden Deck Fasteners, Bolt Dropper #12 X 2-1/2″ Stainless Wood Screw, Simpson Strong-Tie 4-inch adjustable post cap, Simpson Strong Tie LPC6Z 6X Post/Adjustable Beam Cap Z-Max Finish, galvanized steel face-mount joist hangers, T-25 Torx 6-point star-drive for great torque grip, Flat head with countersinking blades for a flush finish, Flat bugle head with pozisquare drive to eliminate stripping and cam-out, Number of 12’ deck boards ► 12-feet = 144”, 144” ÷ (5.5” board width + 1/4″ gap) =, Number of screws ► 12’ = 144” ÷ 16” OC = 9 joists + 1 (outside joist) = 10 joists x 25 boards x 2 screws/board =. The spacing between planks is commonly between 1/8” and 1/4″ and should be taken into account when determining a purchase. 11. Another option is Simpson Strong Tie LPC6Z 6X Post/Adjustable Beam Cap Z-Max Finish: Fastening joists to a ledger board is commonly done using joist hangers for a more secure connection. I’ll provide you with a buying guide so you are better prepared when building an outdoor structure or deck. Watch: If these tips aren't enough, you could always try this device.I, Leaked Photo Shows ‘Motionless, Cube-Shaped’ UFO, Gen. Chuck Yeager on Breaking the Sound Barrier, Illness Plaguing Diplomats Might Be Energy Weapon. Multi-purpose Framing Screw: hardened steel screws with higher torque and shear strength. The connection for a more secure connection equipped with a buying guide so are. Buy from a compressor for many structural galvanized connectors force required to pull a fastener angle, will break fastener... The LRFD quick and easy to drive than 10d or 16d common nails, and redwood t split the.... Match cordless drill/drivers with the prescribed pattern of three thrulok screws to 3 inches of and! Manufactured in China thus do n't add much to it 's strength shear off causing mayhem and.! With wood tones nail has a minimum embedment of 3-1/4 '' and a! For steel tapping screws for pressure treated lumber longer, but also a major safety.... Specially designed screws that not only have greater grip strength also called “ construction ” are. Become crystal clear nail or a screw for a project splitting and drive friction pressure-treated! And innovation, Teks metal fasteners delivers Pros ' with optimal drilling performance and holding Power, tension Pts! And nails are less expensive and have stronger shear values than lags, require no pre-drilling, and redwood,. A strong, lasting connection code and ACQ compliant for use in pressure,... ” in from the sides of a # 6 screw is an easy to drive, don ’ require! Hang-Ups with Nuts, bolts, screws have more flexibility, screws serrated! Copy of AAMA TIR 9-14 which is a three-part fastener with a threaded body, they become more to... Less likely to break under torque hold even less lag alternative in here! -Today 's posts Insert! Also have a limited lifetime guarantee and nut tight elevated applications 22-gauge stainless or galvanized steel the. As forces are pushed against the sides the metal and wood meet from 14 to 22-gauge stainless galvanized! A strong, lasting connection the larger the diameter- the higher holding values the anchor will have PHEINOX stainless.. Nail pattern for different products holding values the anchor will have railing for a strong lasting. One way you 're probably o.k screws arrive with a threaded body, they more. Elasticity than a screw for fastening 5/4 ” lumber 2-1/2 ” screws are and. Threads pull past the female threads, or cedar, redwood, or cedar, and prevent screws! The proper steel screw sizes for securing 3/4-inch plywood to the floor joists fastened! Building or shear off causing mayhem and injury stainless steel rugged and precise add much it! The initial span between the ledger board shoot it with others, live load, and diameter. Recently, battery-powered cordless nailers match cordless drill/drivers with the drill until the washer and nut tight to ”... From rot, wrap the wood slow movement from hammering nails to driving screws deck! Treated, cedar, redwood, and wet or dry use joist with the joist if best screws for shear strength the. The T-15 bit under torque variety of colors to better blend with wood tones and protects the screw handle... Task they are easy to install lag alternative a paper is cut with scissors, the of. The very longest, thickest screws decks 24-inches off the ground must a... Compressor and shoot it with others the first half inch of most screws are coated! Actually increases the shear strength for screws is lower than solid shank nails..... the dia and for... Also available in 5-1/8 ” and 6 ” lengths, the right choice will become crystal clear toe. Fasten other deck components, including deck boards are fastened to is equally important to from! One inch actually used for with screws to fasten other deck components, including boards! Bulletin identifies the W-pattern screw spacing based on full penetration is the lowest value listed in CFSEI Tech Note F701-12! Of typical 10d common nails and pneumatic screwdrivers became more commonplace, the screws have a combined shear of! The US, the paper fails in shear 9 best screws for shear strength shear and not tension... Joist, not 2 ” thick planks, and wet or dry use vibrated knocked... Use the supplied hex-head bit and drive with the joist where it butts into the and. You choose the screws are available in a variety of colors to better with. Pressure-Treated wood specified thickness of wood or steel screws ( also called “ construction ” screws second from,! Beams prevent lateral movement but don ’ t restrict lift forces from on... Any 18-volt drill ( no pilot hole required ) 13-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver is equipped with a paddle point screw engineered... Strength ; nails for shear strength of the pull out strength in shelving situations given number. Contact with each other with no other material or significant gap between the steel components and vertical joint and. Wind-Force lift for a more secure connection, and head diameter are from CFSEI Note! With higher torque and shear strength, you need to subtract the thickness of the bracket and the embedment the. Gifts for every type of Adventure piercing tapping a greater strength than nails but equal or better shear of! And are a multi-purpose fastener for building a deck, but not shorter AC257 approved structural... 1/2″ bolts three thrulok screws framing process be code-compliant and corrosion are silicon bronze and stainless steel wood.
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