The AACE International recommended practices (RPs) provide the main technical foundation of our educational, and certification products and services. 18R‐97 COST ESTIMATE CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM – AS APPLIED IN ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, AND CONSTRUCTION FOR THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES TCM Framework: 7.3 – Cost Estimating and Budgeting March 1, 2016 29R-03 FORENSIC SCHEDULE ANALYSIS TCM Framework: 6.4 – Forensic Performance Assessment Acknowledgments: (April 25, 2011 Revision) Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP (Author) John C. Livengood, CFCC PSP (Author) Christopher W. Carson, PSP (Author) As a recommended practice of AACE International, the Cost Estimate Classification System provides guidelines for applying the general principles of estimate classification to asset project cost estimates. MEMBER DOWNLOAD | NON-MEMBER PURCHASE | JOIN AACE: AACE International, Recommended Practice 27R-03, “Schedule Classification System”, AACE International … 2008 AACE INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS CDR.11. Disruption Protocol, and forensic schedule analysis guidelines, such as AACE International’s Recommended Practice 29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis [1] (“RP 29R-03”), were developed to provide practitioners useful tools for implementation. AACE International, Recommended Practice 42R-08, "Risk Analysis and Contingency Determination Using Paramteric Estimating", AACE International, Morgantown, WV, (latest revision). AACE International, Recommended Practice 40R-08, “Contingency Estimating – General Principles”, AACE International, Morgantown, WV (latest revision) MEMBER DOWNLOAD | NON-MEMBER PURCHASE | JOIN AACE. RP 29R-03 is comprised of numerous 1 CDR.11 Forensic Schedule Analysis: Example Implementation Mr. Mark C. Sanders, PE CCE PSP his paper presents a forensic schedule analysis (FSA) example implementation, prepared to address the application of procedures described in AACE International’s Recommended Practice … Directors as an AACE Recommended Practice in June 1987. AACE Recommended Practice for Forensic Schedule Analysis Michael F. D’Onofrio, P.E. Subsequently, all AACE technical activities were reorganized into four technical divisions, i.e., cost estimating, cost control, planning and scheduling, and project management and the text of this recommended practice was rearranged to correspond with the new … AACE International Recommended Practice No. 25R-03 ESTIMATING LOST LABOR PRODUCTIVITY IN CONSTRUCTION CLAIMS TCM Framework: 6.4 – Forensic Performance Assessment Acknowledgments: Donald F. McDonald, Jr., PE CCE (Author) James G. Zack, Jr., (Author) David Armstrong Jack H. Bess AACE® International Recommended Practice No. Barshop, Paul, “Capital Projects: What Every Executive Needs to Know to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Make … The RPs are a series of documents that contain valuable reference information that has been subject to a rigorous public review process and recommended for use by the … This AACE International recommended practice is intended to provide a guideline, not to establish a standard for documenting the schedule basis for the planning of projects. This recommended practice is written and intended primarily for use on construction projects by the project team members and stakeholders involved in … AACE® International Recommended Practice No.