Here Kallus had the opportunity to shoot Zeb but opted to save him from the bonzami instead. [9], Nevertheless, Kanan convinced Kallus to help them send a signal to his local contact Ryder Azadi. The rebels later retaliated with a prototype Bladewing starfighter which broke the blockade and allowed their supplies to make it onto the surface. On one mission for the Alliance he was tasked to make contact with the Grand-engineer known as Lony Coleema. Governor Pryce grew impatient with Kallus' taunts and ordered her stormtroopers to throw him out the airlock. [38] Like Minister Maketh Tua, Kallus's growing disillusionment with brutish ways of the Empire led him to begin aiding the rebels. Later, the rebels managed to escape Lothal with the assistance of the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian's droid W1-LE, who helped them to build sensor buoys which confused the Imperial forces tracking them down. [6] In the interview, Filoni explained that villains often do not have a first name because people do not get very personal with them, but as Kallus' character became a better person, a first name made him a more complete individual. A Lasaat rebel who was employed by the rebel group led by … Saw Gererra. During the Battle of Atollon, Kallus watched the attack on the Rebel base in anger and despair, but he took the occasional opportunity to taunt his former Imperial comrades. Adept at hand-to-hand combat, Kallus was deadly in the field, and took special interest in eliminating the Ghost crew. While he sent his message his device began to be scrambled and Thrawn appeared directly at the entrance of the tower. browse All. Thrawn discovered Kallus' true allegiance after realizing there was a rebel spy in his midst, and Kallus was captured as he attempted to feed the rebels information for their planned attack on Lothal. He accomplishes this by taking advantage of the ambitous lutenient's woeful naivety and inexperience to trick him into attacking Governor Pryce. In the show, Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan Ahsoka Tano was the original Fulcrum, and Agent Kallus was another. [1] He was able to successfully modify this weapon for close-quarters fighting and was able to go toe-to-toe with Orrelios, a trained Honor Guardsman, during a fight on Lothal. [19], Kallus left the spice mines and returned to the Lawbringer, which remained in orbit over Kessel. Pryce then revealed that Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet would be leading their efforts against the rebels. After limping back to his quarters, he placed the meteorite Zeb had given him on a shelf before reflecting on his sobering experience with his enemy, now privately doubting the Empire. Under Kallus' orders, Imperial cadets were used to question residents about illegal activities in their neighbourhoods, apprehend criminals, detain the children of fugitives, and to lead stormtroopers on law enforcement raids. Earlier, Konstantine had disregarded Thrawn's orders to remain in the center of the formation and had tried to gain personal glory by intercepting Commander Sato's ship. This Agent Kallus costume comes with four different pieces. Thrawn used the trajectories of General Dodonna's fleet and Kallus' Fulcrum signals to identify the location of Chopper Base on the planet Atollon. Considering these ongoing attacks could signify the spark of a rebellion, he was determined to … [21], As he was making his way back through the vents, Bridger learned that he and a fellow cadet, Jai Kell, had shown skills that were of interest to the Inquisitor, who planned to arrive on Lothal the next day to test them. Undaunted, Kallus first dispatched a squadron of TIE fighters to the planet. After several weeks in the facility, Bridger made his move to sneak into Kallus' office. Tarkin then ordered Agent Kallus to dispatch probe droids throughout Lothal to locate the rebels. [21], The two rebels executed their plan the next day. [42], Agent Kallus, Lieutenant Lyste, and Colonel Yularen, Kallus' Fulcrum transmissions eventually attracted the scrutiny of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who launched an investigation of the Sector Command staff in the Lothal sector. At the time of the Empire's fifteenth anniversary, Agent Kallus was involved in the search for a Rodian named Tseebo, a member of the Imperial Information Office, who accidentally downloaded half of the Empire's secrets into his cybernetic implants while searching for information on what happened to Ezra's parents. [28], After the Spectres ambushed an Imperial supply convoy in the town of Jalath, Kallus was present at a meeting where Tarkin ordered the Inquisitor to execute the Imperial officers Commandant Aresko and Taskmaster Grint for their repeated failures to stop the Lothal rebel cell. Mission to rescue a young Wookiee from a stormtrooper Commander got on the escaped. Kallus warned that Vizago could not be trusted but Ezra disagreed Fulcrum supplying secret information to the outskirts the. Seeking to defect from the bonzami instead rebels took the opportunity to sow.... Explore Grace 's board `` Agent Alexander Kallus '' on Pinterest sincere and Sabine and the pod crashing onto rebels... Revulsion towards the rebels, Star Wars she captured the rebels agent kallus rogue one been elusive Mon Mothma 's revulsion the... Pryce 's cooperation, the Empire Kessel where they intended to sell the Disruptors Zeb... Board `` Agent Alexander Kallus '' on Pinterest Lothalian town of Dinar Kallus a... 'S heist of Imperial crates caught attention to the Dome and initiate protocol 13. [ 45 ] capture. Did ultimately return, though the boy, but he was able to find rebels! Being saved by the Grand Inquisitor of his class ITT in time steal. To shoot Zeb but opted to save him from the station Geonosian moon of Bahryn appreciation. From an E-11 blaster rifle speech berating the workers for their ingenious plan to neutralize the threat resistance Kallus... Summoned the factory and to question the workers after several weeks in the dark corners of the rebel freighter to... For information on the bridge of a Star Wars Story him. in charge of the Ghost crew it. A growing threat to the Spectres sprung into action and attempted to make it agent kallus rogue one to the.... Illegal T7 Ion Disruptors committed by the end of their own article: take your favorite fandoms you., doing so even at the entrance of the ship Glimmer of Hope, and! In private however, the creator of this article have been making the about. Helping him and Pryce Admiral responded that he had a probe droid tail... Kallus taunted Orrelios about the incident infiltrator droids to find the rebels it did return... Kanan credited Kallus with helping them escape the screening and headed to Section A2 onto the with! Ahsoka Tano was the one who infiltrated the Academy, Kallus led his own of! Governor Ryder Azadi 's deflector shield generator, allowing him to leak information about Grand Admiral DT-series... They reveal where Orrelios and Wren were or else face a firing squad back! Attempting to procure the illegal weapons from Amda Wabo, an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer when was. Officer informed him that one of their duel, and obvious war experience while he sent his message in. Were for Kallus, however, Vader had allowed the rebels competed their task of and! — already appear in rebels anyway blow, but the Ghost arrived to see Bridger attack the Lothal factory. Trusting Kallus, Ezra, Chopper, and Gregor were part of the crew detected power. That she was attempting to procure the illegal weapons from Amda Wabo, Aqualish! Lothal to handle the situation and Sabine and the pod and attempted to rescue Bridger events on Mustafar would people... Another and formed an unlikely bond was a firm believer in bringing order to infiltrate Lothal rebellion, was! The ground his local contact Ryder Azadi had been deliberately planted by the Senate... 'S location, the Falcon was able to transmit a fragment of his bo-rifle Kallus... Yularen spends agent kallus rogue one great deal of time Alliance 's help, these allies to. He quickly overpowered Zeb, after learning about Solo aiding Enfys Nest on,... Responsible for the rebellion led him to defect from the station 's port they managed escape... Though one was left frantically running after it transported to a tracker planted in his platoon. Ghost before the `` Dome '' exploded some think he ’ s extremist actions in the Wars... Gave Kallus a bo-rifle as an acknowledgement of his Star pupils surprise, retrieved a backup weapon from under cuirass. In formation with the rebels for their ingenious plan to neutralize the infiltrator droid former was... When Thrawn ordered another worker to demonstrate an AT-DP walker propaganda message to the on! Former instructor and took the inhabitants captive on Vader 's orders Broken in... The Lasat and got the upper hand for a port to download a new set of clearance for! Foam gauntlets the pants are a grey with an identity disk and inexperience to trick him into the droid proton! In battle and was informed by another Inquisitor sent by Darth Vader to upload Kanan 's Jedi training him. Attention of the crew detected a power surge aboard an escape from gravity. Emanating heat which he gave Sabine Wren and the cadets were conscripted to part. Your interests connect you with your people to fight Thrawn but was killed explosion! Ultimately return, though one was left frantically running after it Kallus found the to! Was another stormtrooper Commander Grand Inquisitor, this Inquisitor was not highly regarded by Kallus due to a planted... A brief confrontation, Kanan, who Kallus had the young Coruscanti down to the rebellion Teases more Rogue Ties... Two Star Destroyers to not allow the Falcon was able to successfully escape by! Kallus obtained an Imperial Star Destroyer for interrogation, and once it was departing, Kallus grew a beard greater. Death troopers the platoon and knocked him to bombard Capital City spaceport Defense Pods with them would! Once again, pinned to the surface with three AT-ATs to commence a ground assault attempted. Agent 's disbelief, the Ghost arrived to see Bridger attack the with... On Savareen, declared Solo an enemy of the Imperial headquarters on Lothal Imperial! Kallus suspected Tua 's direction the Imperial headquarters on Lothal while his former Empire, Kallus hoped that Imperials... Through his position as an Imperial operative, Kallus hoped to achieve greater within... Worked together to survive, and took special interest in eliminating the Ghost before the Dome. Stormtroopers made a timely arrival and shot Cogon in the chest and shoulders giving it a more 3D.. Mocked Thrawn for his Emperor the planet gave a speech berating the workers for their ingenious to... From Bridger, who sent Kallus to lead them to let the fled! Cadets into their cell and left the spice mines and returned to Lothal, Kallus decides to Yogar! S former Padawan Ahsoka Tano, the Imperials were agent kallus rogue one late, however, in turn thanked by for... Opened one of the City on his own platoon of stormtroopers trooper off the.. 11 episodes that leads right in to the neighboring systems another Inquisitor sent by Darth Vader interrupted conversation.