So that's the latest on Ada again. Search For. Coastal flooding and beach erosion due to storm surge were widespread across the Alabama and northwest Florida coastline. The data are presented in descending order based on the day of the observation. A hurricane watch has been issued for a part of the Windward Islands. So it’s stuff yet for winds um. it’s about 80 miles east of the coast of nicaragua and on a westerly course headed directly in that direction. After Tropical Storm Eta moves through Cuba, it is expected to head straight for Florida -- and not just one part of Florida, but almost the entire state may feel Maximum sustained winds were approximately 45mph with locally higher gusts during this first landfall. Mobile/Pensacola8400 Airport Blvd Bldg 11Mobile, AL 36608251-633-6443Comments? ada has formed in open it in the open atlantic. Climate Plot for Mobile Students, … Hurricane Read More » Hurricane Paulette was the first Atlantic hurricane to make a crossover to the Eastern Pacific basin since Otto in 2016, the most intense and only hurricane to strike the country of Costa Rica in recorded history, and the deadliest and costliest there on record. It was the Second tropical cyclone, First named storm, first hurricane and the first major hurricane of the 2116 Atlantic hurricane season. Could Dorian impact the continental U.S.? However, surface winds became quite gusty after Ida moved well away from the region and a high pressure system began to sweep in from the west the evening after landfall. COSMIC-2 provides data about air temperature, pressure and humidity in the tropical regions of Earth — precisely where hurricane and tropical storm systems form. Hurricane news, information and tracking with over 20 years of experience. Questions? US Dept of Commerce Hazard forecasts issued 48 hours before land impact. The table below contains the storm total rainfall reports greater than 3.99 inches. The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, is the only Department of Defense organization still flying into tropical storms and hurricanes – since 1944. ON Track Maintenance. Track Maps, Marine Products, and more About. Local Data Said The Whale. Ice? Local Air Quality, Current Weather Impacts from the wind and storm surge were relatively minimal along both the Alabama and northwest Florida coastlines. Hurricane Adele. Under favorable conditions, it quickly organized, and it became a depression on … The solid white area depicts the track forecast uncertainty for days 1-3 of the forecast, while the stippled area depicts the uncertainty on days 4-5. The data in the table below are categorized by the source of the data report (e.g. SEE ON OUR DOORSTEP, BUT THIS IS HURRICANE ADA. IT’S A RECORD-BREAKING 29 THAT NAMED STORM OF THE SEASON MEANWHILE IN FLORIDA. Student Volunteers. Impacts from the wind and storm surge were relatively minimal along both the Alabama and northwest Florida coastlines.      NWS Tallahassee, Acknowledgements: Page created by Jeff Medlin (Meteorologist In Charge), Ray Ball (Information Technology Officer), Jeff Garmon (previous Warning Coordination Meteorologist) and Kirk Caceres (former forecaster). Hurricane tracking maps, current sea temperatures, and more. Laura’s Forecast Track. The Reason. Hazardous Weather Outlook It achieved hurricane intensity twice and Category 2 intensity once prior to moving through the Yucatan Straights and into the southern Gulf of Mexico on the 8th of November. Moments ago from the NHC hurricane za upgraded to a category two storm as it races and I mean racist towards Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast Landfall just a … HURRICANE PARKS dispose de toute la maîtrise liée à l’élaboration et à la construction d’aires sportives spécialisées. Big Sky, Mt. Page updated by Morgan Barry (forecaster). Mobile Radar The majority of this document will focus on the impacts from Tropical Storm Ida. The full track of Hurricane Ida can be seen in the image to the right (courtesy of NOAA, Office for Coastal Management, DigitalCoast). will it last as it approaches the gulf coast into the weekend right now the center of the track is right around fort walton beach. This storm is not currently impacting this location. Widespread street flooding was noted in all coastal counties due to the heavy rainfall in Ida. Hurricane Hunter aircraft just went to that storm. Making landfall as a minimal tropical storm will NOT be what Hurricane Ida is remembered for - Ida was the 2nd latest hurricane (on record) to develop so late in the hurricane season and make landfall along the northern Gulf Coast (until this record is eclipsed in the future).