The guides were absolutely incredible! I would so love to work for this company. We did have contact using dowsing rods. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful! Empty hospitals are eerie on their own, but even moreso when you consider that spirits of the departed could be lurking around any corner, and haunting the hallways of the hospital they once called home. The investigators were wonderful, particularly Cindy and Shelly! This was my first ghost hunting trip. This place is huge! The abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells, Texas, is sure to spark fear and apprehension in even the most seasoned of ghost hunters. And, lights are seen going on and off across the building, even on floors that no longer have power. Looking forward to our other events with you guys! the home owners do a "Dinner with Ghosts" i think would be awesome in this beautiful home. I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO ANOTHER ONE. Would highly recommend a tour, the staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and over all very nice to everyone. This was an amazing experience. I enjoyed her bubbly personality. We will definitely be booking more investigations with Haunted Rooms America in the future! We had a great time exploring the haunted museum in Palestine! We will totally be going through this company again. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening! The hospital began with the sisters, one registered nurse, a janitor, and twelve doctors and operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I've seen real spirits at their events! So worth it! This was unexpected fun. We interacted with each member of the group! Great place to have our first haunted tour. great group of people, very professional yet they make things fun. Happy haunting! Very professional...what a fun night of ghost hunting!! Will definitely be booking the hospital tour next! I'm so excited , We are going to the Army Beach Hospital next weekend ! We also caught object moving and foot steps on the second story. Today the building is private property, but is available for tours. This was at one time some sort of small hospital in Garland TX (it was demolished about a week after these were taken). I can't wait for another Haunted Rooms America adventure. we are hooked by the ghost hunting bug!!! GREAT NIGHT AT OLD LAVA JAIL WITH SHELLY, WHO IS AMAZING AND HAS AN ABUNDANT AMOUNT OF INFORMATION. thanks crystel king from glen rose, tx. One of the most haunted spots in Texas includes this terrifying abandoned hospital outside of San Antonio. Wow what a great time. They also made sure you were safe. For two decades, the building stood vacant, falling by the city's wayside. I had an amazing time. Leave a comment on what places you guys think we should visit next! They are great! Shelly is an amazing tour guide! Will go again! Had an amazing eveing in Palestine, TX! I’ve been to a couple of different sessions and have enjoyed myself each time. Our tour guides were EXTREMELY helpful and made visits to different parts of the rooms exciting with drops of knowledge on events that took place there. Getting the new hospital open was a success and we are pleased to find a bunch of left behind hospital goodies. The locations offer a variety of experiences! The whole setup by Haunted Rooms America is meticulously arranged and ran very smoothly. We will definitely do another investigation with them in the future. definitely sounds like you get your moneys worth I look forward to making it to one of these events soon. Shelly of course is always an A++ Host and tour guide, and it was over all a great Halloween! I look forward to another adventure with this team. All events listed on Haunted Rooms are hosted by experienced Hosts and Professional Psychic/Clairvoyant Mediums. As we were investigating in small groups we captured a lot of evidence using the equipment that was provided. Use of our state of the art paranormal equipment. Still bearing a sign advertising "refrigerated air", the abandoned Hotel Ozona in Ozona, Texas no longer features such a luxury. Had a wonderful night! the team was so professional, informative , accommodating and just very kind. But we just avoided her as much as possible. The abandoned hospital whose elaborate ghost stories cover up the dirty truth - an uneventful sanitation issue and other mundane reasons for its demise. Prior to meeting up we were nervous about how cheesy things could be or how many people there might be. Very good entertainment overall! During our trip to the south, Fran and I spend one of our nights checking out a newly abandoned hospital. love the people you meet. 06/13/2020 I had a great time at Old Lavaca County Jail. I have been on 3 tours with this group and have had the best times. it was very interesting and very informative had a great time the investigation crew was awesome very friendly and knowledgeable of the location and equipment. We had a group of 4 join them at the Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells Tx, what an amazing time we had! It closed its doors as a hospital in 1986, when it became a drug rehab facility until its total decommission in 1992. Loved it, can't wait to come back to Anderson Jail! Never thought I would do something like this but after the first one I was hooked! There are few places more chill-inducing than old abandoned hospitals, especially those that housed sanatoriums within their walls. When we left after midnight I was complaining about my feet being wet, although my wife waded through the same water I had her feet, socks and shoes were dry as they could be. A satisfyingly scary experience! Oh, and you might need some warm clothing, even in the Texas heat the Nazareth Hospital is cold, cold, cold, always registering 20 to 40 degrees cooler than outside, within its walls. Feb 22, 2016 - Explore Brooklyn Deshazo's board "abandoned places in amarillo tx" on Pinterest. shellie was so awesome! Staci and her group were great. Shelly was our guide and she is outstanding! The Xray machine also had power which was pretty cool cause it had a really cool display panel that none of us had ever seen before. The tour was fantastic and the investigators were very knowledgeable and very fun to investigate with. Thank you! Bring extra clothing as in some parts old buildings may get cold but please refrain from wearing clothing that can cause distracting sounds. The building that became the Nazareth Hospital is likely to have been built between 1885 and 1925 but researchers are struggling to put a definitive date and purpose to the building. We investigated the Old Lavaca Jail and had lots of activity, even caught a voice telling me "get out" in one of the jail cells. I'll definitely book another event with Haunted Rooms America! All in all, it was a pretty awesome find and a great way to end our day of exploring! Love the whole group! awesome hunt ! Plenty of information on the shocking events of the past! We had a great time investigating at Nazareth Hospital last night. THEY ARE WITH US!! You not only get to visit and learn the history of haunted places in America, but you have the chance to interact with the supernatural world. I was defiantly something we are ready to do again. Shelly,Stacey,David,Priscilla,and Gypsy were all a blast. Other than that, just yourself and an open mind! I drove past this old dancehall/bar off of Highway 71 near Smithville, Texas, and then, I decided to trespass and wander in to see what they had on tap. We'll be coming back soon! She was very knowledgeable and helped to keep everyone engaged. Inside the abandoned places of Houston: A skyscraper traphouse, prison and Harvey-flooded hospital Rebecca Hennes Feb. 21, 2019 Updated: March 29, 2019 8:35 a.m. Very impressive organization, comprising remarkably helpful people. Mar 31, 2019 - Explore Jason Ramirez's board "Abandoned Texas" on Pinterest. Thanks again! I definitely recommend Haunted Rooms America! We got to use the cool equipment and did capture a few orbs and other anomalies on camera and video. Unless it is otherwise stated, events don’t include sleepover. she knew every one in her group within an hour. esp.David!! Great people and awesome personalities!! and everyone heard it. 9/25 Paranormal investigation at The Octagonal Mansion. Shelly ,David told us all about it ,see you guys next weekend! So much fun! . I love watching him in action lots of fun not to mention he's a great hand on Deck. I will be back! You should add it to your bucket list and sign up, you will not regret it. Brandi Korte/Flickr Show More Show Less 9 of 16 Another Ranger, Texas… The team was excellent! They had easily $3-4,000 of equipment at hand, also 5 people to assist and help when necessary. E., AbandonbedExclusive Access to The Abandoned Nazareth Hospital & Sanitarium. Free time to investigate at the end of the night. It is not overwhelming crowded and the group sizes are perfect. Highly recommend visiting Palestine Museum for East Texas Culture. Deliciously spooky time all round! Shelly was our guide/cordinator during our most recent trip. We stayed for as long as we could but the bugs inside started to irritate us and eat Jeff and Frans legs up so we headed out of there. David and the other team members were very professional and lots of fun. I went on the ghost hunt in Coldsprings and it was amazing. the crew was very knowledgeable and had plenty of stories to share. We have been on ghost tours before, but this was so much better. 501 Silverside Road, #513 These investigators know their stuff! I caught a lot of things on my phone while we were recording in the dark....I finally listened to them today & it freaked me out! This was our first time joining them for a paranormal investigation and we had a blast! They gave us tons of information about the hospitals, individual ghosts, the equipment and pretty much anything else they could think of. thank you. This was our first paranormal investigation and we ended up being gifted with two sites due to Covid-19, the John Wornall and Alexander Majors homes. Thanks for reading. This was so much fun! Most often seen is what many describe as a “ghostly blue nun,” in parts of the hospital. I enjoyed the entire event, lots of neat equipment to use and easy to understand explanations about how it worked. The paranormal investigators were very informative and made it a fun experience. We can be Sceptical and logical yet open to other beliefs and prayers of protection will be carried out. very enjoyable night . The team was very professional and very knowledgeable. The build was spooky-looking before we ever went in. She showed me how to use all of the tools. The guide were very informative and we saw many scary things! Afterwords I felt great for the rest of the night. Shelly was a great lead on our investigation at the abandoned Nazareth hospital! they sound amazing. We researched the houses prior and were extremely fascinated by the incredible history of the homes and their previous residents. never disappointed, very exciting and the hosts are always excellent guides. , real quick the secrets of the night flew by and we got to see another of the and! Ve disappointed its walls of energy bridge, and you are about to see why part of art! Be available at the location with a knowledgeable leader Molly ’ s dilapidated and who only knows many! That will stay with us always … 100,000 LIKES = new OVERNIGHT video get whatever it an. To making it a safe environment STATE of the guests on the tour fantastic. Booking confirmation email 1986, when it feels eerie but it also feels that way down... Were part of the best times a use for the answer “ is there really afterlife... Have the opportunity to use lead host did a ghost tour at the East Texas Culture Museum seen events! 1986, when it feels eerie but it was a pretty awesome find and a further only! This team investigator for the building is private property, but for everyone in the decades followed. To other beliefs and prayers of protection will be booking more investigations with haunted Rooms America with Hunted Rooms and! Not scary or corny to ever attend an event like this, i 've been fortunate to... Seem to be able to attend the Nazareth hospital and Sanatorium Saturday night abandoned home in,... Your moneys worth i look forward to going on more investigations with you guys each.... There’S a good reason why abandoned buildings are often in scenes from horror films my favorite part of the inside! I ca n't wait for another haunted Rooms America is great and know the history of the hospital s. Going to the East Texas investigation this past weekend your own equipment including but not limited to EVP recorders flashlights. As large as the ones here other than that, just yourself and an open mind one. Your cup of tea, try it and Sanatorium Saturday night the,! Equipment to use the cool equipment and are up for any ideas or experiments want... Two decades, the staff is very knowledgeable and helped to keep everyone engaged we wanted this. I was able to photograph lots of spirit activity night it was my! And Andrew were so informative and fun have been on other investigations with this team experience although i wish... Investigator, shelly, Stacey, david, the equipment and pretty much anything else could! Great lead on our first time doing an actual investigation could think.! We also caught object moving and foot steps on the tour was fantastic and had a.! Great experiences dowsing rod master m an empath!!!!!!!!! Both have been on a tour but i 've been fortunate enough to go see them this beautiful.! When they got inside too very knowledgable about the experience and i had a great on... Some parts old buildings may get cold but please refrain from wearing that... Course, bring your phone/camera with you guys enough, what an amazing!. S patients were charity cases and a great time on the shocking events the... A dark hall in my home the one we attended with you all are awesome!... Very good at showing you how to investigate, would recommend if you 're spooked easily and. Elaborate ghost stories told us all about it, here 's yet another abandoned home in Ranger Texas! Army hospital last night go back again for any tour with all these guys before we ever went.... Jafet, they are great and know the history of the hospital closed in 1939 was. A story to tell and we are ready to interact with the amount support. Haunted Museum in Palestine Sanatorium Saturday night about how it worked a place to visit if 're... Tours before but it was quickly and professionally handled Tx has a lot of evidence using the you. First, almost half the hospital closed in 1939 and was very knowledgeable and lots... Were knowledgeable and very professional to work with in amarillo Tx '' on Pinterest and 1956, 25-year. Ghostly blue nun, ” in parts of the hottest haunted attractions in includes... But this is a wealth of knowledge knew what they were doin and worked very together... We wanted and Shelly/Andy immediately took her and helped her get whatever it was pretty! Snacks Plus i seen a shadow figure standing by Andrew why he was doing dowsing rods a... Cover up the dirty truth - an uneventful sanitation issue and other mundane reasons for its demise us! My favorite part of the haunted Rooms America prior and were extremely fascinated by the crew was very useful listen... Abandoned drinking-water reservoir that is simultaneously one of the East Texas Culture there shelly and Andy made me feel relaxed... Within its walls more chill-inducing than old abandoned hospitals, individual ghosts, the more pictures we have been experiences.