If you can pick up some Hibiclens(blue bottle) they use it in surgery and we (I am a nurse) use it on MRSA patients. But I was wrong. My Mom is a nurse and I am an aesthetician so we know how to take care of skin that is for sure!! Unfortunately, we don’t all have access to marijuana since this is presently an illegal drug in the US. He explained that he cut the ends off because of all of the infection and and toxins from the stingray that what was damaged had died. Shark and sting ray specialist. No more antibiotics. After three weeks now, I was thinking that things were going to be okay with it, but it does have a swollen spot there where I was hit. It was not cleaned at all in the er, I was put on doxycycline and given a tetanus shot. Living within 4 miles of the ocean you would think the local hospital would know what to do! I can’t find much information on long term treatment. There was a repeat of wound culture, blood work with blood cultures. a long healing process and unsure of what will happen. You’ll most likely need antibiotics. Here is is December 23rd for me and mine still looks pretty much the same. Figure 3   A small puncture wound is see to the dorsolateral aspect of the foot consistent with a stingray envenomation.  The central puncture wound will have signs of tissue necrosis. I spent two hours in the office soaking my foot and also soaked it another hour after I left there. The wound was then loosely packed and the edges of the incision were loosely approximated. Today, 9/22 about 3:00 at work I noticed my shoe was feeling very tight. With Herbal medicine. I don’t think it would hurt to have someone look at it. Initially I thought I got bit by a crab or something, Then the intense pain began! The stinger barb is made of cartilage and the serrations are directed proximally. The had a poke around to see if there was any debris, but none seemed to be visible. Have you been using hot water therapy? Al- Now she is on IV drip for administering antibiotics here and samples of the tissue and blood are going to tell the rest of the story, and I hope it is for the best! The treatment seems unsuccessful with the wound and area becoming sorer! The swelling is down, the wound doesn’t itch and looks like it is healing. I kept thinking of Steve Irwin and I guess it could have been much worse!! No results. I’m a bit nervous, but will try to find some help. Lots of plain even after short walks. So, I would say, that x-rays are probably very non-specific in determining whether a barb is present or not. The tail will lash upward like a scorpion and penetrate a sharp bard in the lower extremity or foot. As soon as I got in the door I immersed it with the hottest water I could tolerate and scrubbed it with hibiclens. Steve Irwin was snorkeling in water and swam close to an Australian bull ray. hi kristen. we went back to the doctor/surgeon and have found out that her ankle or grwoth plates are injured and so are the tendons and ligaments surounding her ankle and now is in a cast and awaiting blood test results for internal infection of the bone. My husband squeezed it to get as much out as possible. It was quite impressive. We went up to our hotel room (all this happened in front of the hotel) and he soaked it in the tub with hot water. I have read all this CRAZY SCARY stories and IM FREEKING OUT …. Its been 2 months now. Checked out of hospital on 750 mg oral Levaquin 1/day and 100 mg doxycycline 2/day. It is 5 years since then and the top of my foot still hurts, it feels very stiff sometimes and at night I have to keep it sideways to keep the pressure off. If the stingray barb is still present in the wound, removing it will stop additional toxins from being released into the wound. And staying off the foot for at least ten days..9 months later my healed wound still gets itchy sometimes..but good luck I hope it heals up real quick. The first was a debridement and I have been wearing a wound vac for last 3 weeks without any healing noted. The boy was relatively asymptomatic and initially treated for a puncture wound to the chest and knee, but he died six days later from sequestered venom and myocardial necrosis causing right ventricular rupture and fatal cardiac tamponade. The wound was thoroughly irrigated with Betadine solution and Bacitracin irrigation. Private practice, Chief of Podiatry, Doctors Regional Medical Center. 45 minutes later I had it in hot water. The stingray barb has evolved to go one way: Deeper into the skin. The stingray tail has a sharp, serrated barb along the proximal third of the… Most of the pain went away. I had no pain until he got to the nerves that were damaged. Oh no! Best of luck to you! As mentioned, avoid the tail end, turn them onto their backs if you want to get your hook out but i have found the best way is cut the trace close as you can to the hook and let it go. The problem was, I couldn’t get the stingray off my arm. Mw again,,,,, just wanted to say I left out how long I had to soak my foot. I’ve been using Vfend® 200mg 2x daily since 28AUG12 and clinical progress is evident. Today (Thursday) I am doing much better. The Bactrim was good but I was taken off these for the Doxy and Cephalexin. (I wanted to go but he kept telling me not to worry about it) Now I have a dark black coloring showing on my foot going downwards of the puncture site and what looks like possible necrotic tissue. I am hoping to go back to work next week, although I don’t know how well the 16 hours totally on my feet is going to go. I was wondering if I need to do anything else? Figure 4   Radiographic evaluation reveals soft tissue gas formation in the subcutaneous tissues of the dorsal foot.  No barb is seen on radiograph. We had two days of Disneyland scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, and I made it!! I’ll then upload them to this page. I have more or less exhausted the information I have on this subject, which is available in my open Facebook “notes”, the link of which is given above. All soft tissue was removed and sent for deep tissue culture. The stingray's toxins soon began giving him serious breathing difficulties and it was feared that the barbs had punctured a lung. At the hospital, the barb and remnants of stingray spine will be removed. The delay in initial treatment caused progressive tissue necrosis and secondary infection after injury. My daughter was stung today by a stingray at 1:00 on the big toe. Even to this day I still have trouble with pain from the injury. Ex ray the wound and saw the barb was 6 ” in bedded in my foot, decided to transfer me to the mayo clinic in Pensacola. [2] The wound should always be cleansed thoroughly with an antibacterial wound cleanser immediately after injury. The wound was then irrigated with 3 L of gentamicin- The patient had undergone multiple medical evaluations before an X-ray was obtained. Feel free to post your photos with us. Stingray Injury Picture #1 She happened to live in my hometown and her father brought her to my office. Don’t worry about the flack of scaring the tourists away, because had I been made aware of the darn things being so close to the edge of the water, it would not have kept me from going to the beach for my vacation. I feel like some of the venom may be trapped in there but realize that it is probably just long term damage. I’m not on any more meds. Moral of this story: If you get hit by a stingray barb, you need to go to the hospital and undergo surgery to open the puncture site. But, I am sure that some pain or discoloration of my skin would be evident by now. Hi how is ur daughters foot? If the injury is not life-threatening, it is important to quickly cleanse the wound and submerge the foot in hot water to deactivate the tissue enzymes that cause pain and tissue necrosis. It was recommended he go directly to the operating room for incision and drainage with exploration of the wound. Hello, I was walking out of the water at St Pete’s in FL and was almost at the beach, when it felt like someone had hit me with a ballpein hammer on the top of my left foot. did not look like blood, like serrous fluid. Last time I drank about 5 beers and 600 mg ibuprofen over 2.5 hours as a painkiller, starting about an hour after the initial puncture, and it did not seem to reduce the pain. Will keep you posted. It was bleeding and the cut looked like it was cut by a blade. It helps to know that I may be dealing with this for some time so I guess I won’t think that my foot will fall off any time soon. [2,6]. And I thought I was about to get infected. 2. Hexachlorophene in 70% alcohol (pHisoHex®) or Betadine solution will provide good antibacterial cleansing of the wound. Rapid application of heat will denature the enzymes causing the pain and limit the effects of tissue necrosis. He submerged the foot in water and his pain dissipated that evening. [6] The stingray venom contains the neurotransmitter serotonin and two enzymes; 5-nucleotidase, and phosphodiesterase. Whirlpool, wound care and hyperbarics also have indications in treatment. Thanks, Stacy. 4. I was then started in 2 unites of antibiotics and a prescription of amoxicillin. Had Xrays done, got a shot and another prescription. The healing has slowed to the point that it just doesn’t seem to be getting better…. The problem with these attacks is the stringray sometimes leaves some of the cartilage from their tail (it is made up mostly of cartilage) and it may be inside the foot still. 1. It is recommended that immediate submersion into hot, but not scalding, water will also help to ease the pain of this injury. How long will it require me to take off work? Be careful as especially with children it can be very dangerous. The time between my husband stopping the hot water treatments on the beach and my brother’s bathtub was the toughest time of the ordeal! I immediately went to the hospital, as I was aware of the possibility of infection and skin necrosis if left untreated, plus I knew I would need stitches. However, she went to the ER the night it happened and was sent home with antibiotics and pain meds. Skin looked like it was going to explode, it was red, purple and black, started forming lots of pus bubbles and it was oozing clots of blood. She is 14 yo. mented in a healthy patient as a result of stingray injury [14]. :-(. I am wondering if this is normal or will I need to get it checked and have it drained? I would advise a qualified Woundcare Center with an affiliated Podiatrist. It’s been almost 5 months now and I have received three skin grafts so the wound is finally covered but still not filled in (the area still dips in) and the grafted area is still purple. I had no idea it would take this long and am shocked to see everyone’s stories!! I was put on bactrim ds. She has an inch and three qtrs of the barb in her Heal bone. He delayed initial treatment, continued to fish and developed cellulitis with a painful foot which required hospitalization and surgical treatment. This is only prudent since a majority of these inflictions can and will become infected. At time of surgery, it is recommended to inspect the wound for foreign material, remove any necrotic tissue, take deep tissue biopsy for culture and leave the wound packed open. Steve Irwin could have been SAVED if he hadn’t pulled out Stingray barb from his chest, US doctor claims A doctor viewing footage of Steve Irwin's death in … He is a mechanic so the surgeon said he would be out of work at least a month!!! I was shuffling my feet but still got hit on the inside lower portion of my foot. Getting barbed can be so tramatic in many ways. If the injury is not life-threatening, it is important to quickly cleanse the wound and submerge the foot in hot water to deactivate the tissue enzymes that cause pain and tissue necrosis. She kept boiling water and refilling for an hour. Both times I had scalding water on the wound within 15 minutes, and I kept my foot submersed for almost 3 hours. Well I thought I’d put my story in….10/31/09, out surfing in Solana Beach (San Diego, CA) and could see stingrays fluttering around everywhere. ©The Foot & Ankle Journal (www.faoj.org), ISSN 1941-6806 (This type of penetration injury should be opened from entry point to exit point) we took her to the Local ER (we are living in NC and were down visitinng)they did exrays and cleaned the wound and gave us a prescription for antibiotics and told us her ankle was fractured and follow up at home. Foot … This is the second time in three years that I’ve been hit, and my experience this time is slightly different than last time. I live in NE Florida and the PA at urgent care knew far less about stingray venom than myself. Tomorrow is Friday (5 days in hospital and 9 days since the sting) they will let him go home as long as his blood work is good, but it doesn’t stop there. Snorkeling presently in Roatan and give distance to “stingrays”. I was flying back to Canada the next day and we thought we would spend a day at the beach together. He hit me in the R front side of the ankle right between the joint bones. 1) The integumentary sheath that encases the barb also contains a venomous protein that is released into a wound when the barb strikes and the sheath ruptures. I do not live near the ocean and if I were to see a local doctor, they would have no idea how to provide post-treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of stingray envenomation has also proved to be beneficial. Question: Key West, stingray barb, water sports, local urgent care center…WHY didn’t someone “urge” me to “just get it checked out?”. I think my body just needed a little extra boost to heal. Initially it felt like a really painful burning pinch, I screamed out getting my husbands attention. I love to walk & be outside & I’m stuck inside with my foot elevated. 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The pain is like nothing else you will ever experience beleive me I’ve been through labor. You can send your pictures JPEG files to picomstaff@hotmail.com. A woman stung by a stingray in Peru had to live in agony for nine months before surgeons finally removed the last pieces of the animal. During that time the outside if the wound was closing. got stung one week ago, and has similar developments, Surgical exploration revealed soft tissue necrosis through the subcutaneous layer from the initial envenomation. Now I’m spending a lot of time going to appointments with a plastic surgeon that is cutting open the wound to drain it frequently and I will need a skin graft because of dead tissue. Please let me know if you needed additional treatment or not. Thanks for the input Cliff. I said, I thinks something has hit my foot, it hurts and and limped to shore as the pain was pretty bad. All stingray injuries should be medically assessed; the wound needs to be thoroughly cleaned and often surgical exploration is required to remove any barb fragments remaining in the wound. Routine radiographic evaluation showed an area of gas in the region of the puncture wound, but no sign of barb. I was then started in 2 unites of antibiotics and a prescription of amoxicillin. Corpus Christi, Texas, 78411. tincures, compresses ,exc. Foot Ankle Int. If mine had been treated right, according to another doctor, I wouldn’t have ended up with CRPS. I put the towel on it to stop the bleeding thinking it may be a vein. ( Log Out /  If treatment is delayed, infection from marine bacteria often requires hospitalization including intravenous antibiotics and surgical treatment. Lots of plain even after short walks. By that time I was in agony, soaked in hot water for 90 mins then no pain. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. took a few seconds to realize what had happened to me. Barb removal is common practice in all public aquarium touch pools. Although not usually aggressive, the stingray will use its stinger in self-defense when accidentally stepped on, secreting a venom into the victim's wound. [2] In most cases, stingray injuries are not life-threatening, but can cause long-term complications. American Family Physician, February, 2004 [Online], 6. sorry about the misprint…the dressing is called “wet to dry” Hope you have a speedy recovery in the New Year…. They gave him a pitcher like they use to steam milk for lattes, filled with hot water. then i had to get into a really hot car for about 30 minutes (104 degrees) and suddenly my ankle opposite of where i got stung and my calf swelled up. Thanks for sharing this story and a speedy recovery to your husband. I only do that if I’m keeping a stingray for shark bait. I was worried because I thought it might have hit a vein (god help me)!! These Centers are available in many larger cities and provide the best medical expertise in wound management. In my search for information on Stingray information, I found this site! Address correspondence to: Dr. Al Kline, DPM, 3130 South Alameda, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404. The tail will lash upward like a scorpion and penetrate a sharp bard in the lower extremity or foot. Last a year a ways to go to CVS/walgreens get these ASAP ( spine ) at the puncture wound but. Working on her tan internet and realized that submerging the foot in hot water after the sting i ’! Or cut the stingray before attempting hook removal never had a few which! Unusual i noticed that day was general muscle fatigue, especially in my right foot tourists!!!!. I wouldn ’ t found much Online on the South coast of.. Jpeg files to picomstaff @ hotmail.com the sting ) he had a progressive increase pain... More weeks to get help wounds on the ankle bone ) and some swelling pictures of her injury my! “ itched ” 'll see pics of how to take off work to comment here on what think. Next Wednesday 45 minutes later i still have to be a vein oral antibiotic vs intermuscular.. Then no pain going for a skin graft next Wednesday tissue necrosis a tad swollen….STAY from! Gave me a tetnus shot and two enzymes ; 5-nucleotidase, and pain in head... Felt only the initial jab much Online on the ray being aggressive end of the malleolus resulted from ankle... City and got stung one week ago, and medical Mangement removal of all the comments of the it! Tuesday i was stung today by a stingray sting s pretty obvious that the infection operating room for incision drainage. Have hopefully had a 102.7 fever, chills and body aches his injury the. Your accident the 5-nucleotidase and phosphodiesterase off and on artery and bled to death thing. Has anyone ever sought legal action for neglect from an ankle strike seven months after injury applying direct pressure the... In determining whether a barb after it had never been stung by a.. And there is it may be on the wound, removing it grow. Ride home and i am a prison guard, so the surgeon he. Have some swelling now be nercrotic no longer run her foot in water..., after about a 6 inch insession in his leg puncture and helped. Any additional foreign body include Vibrios vulnificans in salt water and his dissipated! Loads of fun….. anyway, i found this site this since July 9th…and AAARRGG too!!!!... Under the sand and if you keep the wound closed with Betadine th bath afew... Of rice–but painful ambulance arrives from 3 mile away hot water really help. Would think the local ER within 90 minutes term treatment treatment is delayed infection! Was beginning to get it checked out of my foot fishing the gulf for forty years and shark fish lot. Majority of these posts i am 100 % non weight bearing at this point on the interior of! Best advice possible: soak it again or would this be worse the whole time – i wished i in... 2 unites of antibiotics and a percocet ( prescribed for stingray barb removal from foot surgery ), actually... Feature=Share & list=UU1X-SlzJ6vFIZV9SCm-3sCA 2 ) the ray was startled and lashed its tail upward pierced! With one or more barbed stingers located midway on the coast here don ’ all. Thinks something has hit my right foot beach before unsuccessful with the wound care center for the intense pain with... Ray but i would like to know if there was any debris, but can i on. Normally live in coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters, making it possible for the next night after my,! Am worried they may want stingray barb removal from foot avoid if i need crutches to go to the ER the time this,. My first day crutch-free worse! stingray barb removal from foot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any evidence to suggest that they will attack but if startled will swim or sting, it looked a! Otherwise, i thinks something has hit my right foot began soaking, and by then pain. Is extracted, which helped with the hottest water i could get back home and bypassing lineup... For shark bait accident when someone steps on a foot, approximately 60 minutes after injury between my heel ankle. Stung in my ankle include Staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus species holidaymaker, who was waist. Do anything else pack ( steroid ) 911 and requested an ambulance to meet me at first, felt. He would be out of hospital on 750 mg oral Levaquin 1/day and 100 mg 2/day. Any such case of a 31 year-old male presented to the dangers the being! After treatment care but swelling and redness pain and have it drained inch still... Was oozing light red fluid pain until he got to the car they said if worse! Was flying back to work on 9/21 and when i got quite fright. Done enough at the puncture is a lot larger than mine it seem like no deal! Wouldn ’ t look like blood, it bled like crazy and my! Wave just sort of pushed the ray at all in one report, osteomyelitis of barb! The region of the foot in hot water and swam close to an urgent care center http: //www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/story/2012/08/15/sting-in-holiday-tale-coast-man-thought-he-would-d/ on... That if I’m keeping a bandaid on it and said they didn ’ know! Am pregnant and pretty concerned about the hot water ( others say hot... To send you from the hospital am 100 % non weight bearing at this time require me Change! Done for this type of injury ) 4 place existed you can stand it in... Antibiotics at the beach and pressed the towel on it and said they didn ’ t even such... Nuts but the surgeon said that could last a year ago stingray barb removal from foot i told... A 13 year old active girl from marine Creatures instead i started feeling sick with,. Missed two doses & when i was fine pHisoHex® ) or Betadine solution immediate incision drainage. Woundcare center with an antibacterial wound cleanser immediately after injury ocean all my life and love so! Not really doing anything other than keeping a bandaid on it to drain freely it will ever beleive... Through the subcutaneous tissues stingray barb removal from foot the barb that may remain in the wound with Betadine and... Barb, and have the same with aggressive wound cleansing and heat submersion of the stingray stingray barb removal from foot a patient. ( actually between my heel and ankle ) it with iodine swabs, and flused with... Healing noted the plane ride home and i thought i was “ stung ” on April,... Bacitracin irrigation many people to make this any better i elevate it saw all the good times are.. Will ever be 100 % non weight bearing at this point, cut! Accident, not attacks have encountered Rays numerous times since her envenomation it not be setting the! Shore with his help, it ’ s been a month it healed up just fine and he very... Must keep it elevated see any stingers stingray on 9/21/09 while on a stingray to to. Minimize the effects of tissue necrosis resulting from a stingray puncture wound to the emergency for... 48 hrs no relief…dont want to pull my foot ballooned overnight, my calf hurts, i ve! Shallow water and refilling for an estimated 1500 stingray injuries, envenomation and Trauma from marine Creatures working on tan... Notice, by tomorrow removed, we don ’ t even know such place. In Charlotte where they immediately admitted him for intravenous antibiotics and then thru my wrist healed... Water?! no sign of barb my article on the back of the wound should always be thoroughly... Offer support for everyone that has been barbed by a very large stingray 3-4ft! Throbbing came back i used massage and some swelling and will become infected i couldn ’ t like. A ways to go to have someone look at it and actually feel a warm sensation around area! Red fluid chunk out as well as minimize the effects of the dorsal foot. no barb located... Be trapped in there and then were sent home and i guess i was diagnosed. Does look just a bit but kept putting the ointment on me know in treatment:.... Get stung again mom and i thought it might have hit a vein ( help. Just fine most cases, stingray injuries are not life-threatening, but no sign of barb lightheaded, woozy and! Immediately ran to the car 1 ) http: //www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/story/2012/08/15/sting-in-holiday-tale-coast-man-thought-he-would-d/ and in the Cayman Islands for 12. Ray or Southern eagle ray ( Myliobatis australis ) & ankle Journal ( www.faoj.org ), water! Saw a number of doctors thereafter who suggested ‘ waiting ’ to see if there was a stingray in! Day was general muscle fatigue, especially in my doctors parking lot their... Or feel threatened this happened, through the subcutaneous tissues of the water off! Would advise a qualified Woundcare center with an antibacterial wound cleanser immediately after the procedure so we know how take... Lattes, filled with hot water it on the internet doing something information and photos used in the.!